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Curriculum: Science Education Case Study Research Paper (Case Study Sample)


BOOK: Teaching Science Through Inquiry-Based Instruction bu Terry L. Contant Thirteenth Edition
READ: Chapter 3: Creating a Positive Classroom Environment and Chapter 4: Learning Science with Understanding (attached are the readings)
Using your close reading of the text, answer the following prompts in a 2-3 page paper:
1. Describe how to create a positive learning environment in the classroom. What does the physical space look like, how is the science lab or classroom corner set up? What materials or supplies are available to students? What safety concerns are there for your grade level when it comes to conducting science investigations?
2. There are many misconceptions that students (and the general public) have about science topics. Watch the following video on the Cartesian Diver, a classic lab investigation:
What concepts in science is this meant to teach to students? There are several so be thorough and detailed in your explanation! What grade levels do you think this investigation would be appropriate for and why? Describe the highest and lowest grade levels. If you were to teach these concepts to elementary students, is the Cartesian Diver the best way to accomplish that? Why or why not? Identify which NGSS standards address the concept(s) meant to be conveyed by the Cartesian Diver for the grade level you think this lab is appropriate for


The classroom comprises of students from diverse backgrounds, with different learning styles, and different expectations. A positive learning environment requires a personalized instructional approach that focuses on building a physical environment and productive relationships as well as providing social and emotional support. Classroom design should provide learner-centered approach teaching. Non-verbal communication cues such as smiling and nodding, eye contact, and body posture creates a climate that facilitates teacher-student interactions. The teacher encourages preconceptions and determines the student's ideas and understanding at the commencement of instruction. This helps the students think about the content and its meaning to science. Presenting opportunities for inquiry allows engagement in stimulating activities throughout the learning process. Tailoring instruction to learners’ unique strengths and needs facilitates engagement in challenging, standards-based academic content where students develop knowledge, skills, and abilities. Individual or collaborative activities such as class projects, class presentations, performance tasks, and extended writing form basis for formative assessment.
Giving praise or positive criticism makes learning engaging. Feedback is demonstrated by how teachers respond to student’s actions or issues. The students’ responsiveness to the instructional approach shows how the teacher impacts the students learning needs and desires. More classroom output is represented through verbal and non-verbal cues. Classroom needs a culture that dictates the procedures and expectations of students, a form of interaction, and class engagement. This stimulates questioning, taking risks, and giving or accepting feedback with respect, allowing students to engage in discussion within a safe and orderly environment.

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