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Digital Marketing Literature & Language Case Study (Case Study Sample)


the task was a case study of Longitudinal study of digital marketing strategies


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Digital Marketing
The digital revelation has done a lot based on the respective way the marketers plan as well as implement their respective integrated marketing communication channels or rather programs. Digital revolution has made easier for the respective marketers who understand well the manner at which they can embrace it fully, and so marketing has since then gone globally. In the previous days, the respective marketers used to be doing a type of operation that was done manually in that they had to walk from one place to the other so as to get to market the relevant products that they come with at the end of the day. It has then been very easy since they are now at the position of marketing their respective products globally and within the shortest time possible (Tiago 705). This as well have ensured that they have been lately witnessing a lot of profits at the end of the day compared to that which they used to be prevailing at during the olden days. The digital revolution came with a platform known as the social media that as well availed different options which include the Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and even Telegram. These platforms have since then made it very easy based on the transmission of relevant information from one place to the other at the shortest time possible at the end of the day.

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