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A Comparison Of Two Hospitals A Tale Of Two Hospitals (Case Study Sample)


this is a comparison of two hospitals - one going the It WAY WHILE THE OTHER ONE FIND IT COMPLEX.

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Case Study - A Tale of Two Hospitals
It is clear from the academic literature that the study was to confirm the conformance level of the actual use of clinical pathway through the use of Electronic Health Record log to help in improvement of the CP through the reflection of real-world care procedures.
The actual analysis focuses on the marching and application rates of clinicians’ orders with a predetermined CP order based on data. EHR information got collected based on patient medication orders, information, transfer, the operation performed, CP order sets and diagnosis. The records get analyzed statistically.
The aim of the clinical pathway is to ensure high-quality medical services are delivered through the application of optimized, standardized care process based on scientific channels. The CP structure gives a multi-disciplinary steps and a treatment plan for the clinical activities for a particular medical problem. It provides sufficient allocation of on healthcare resources. From the article, it is clear that more than 80% of the medical facilities in the United States use CP. Efforts have been put in the medical field to enhance a suitable and evidence-based CP.
From the article, one can analyze the application and matching rates gathered from the EHR systems in university hospitals. The review of the academic literature on A Tale of Two Hospitals How an Electronic Health Records (EHR) Implementation Can Be A Strategic Advantage, brings us to date on the current knowledge concerning EHR implementation. The articles building up the literature originates from Europe or North America. It shows how the government has given attention to the implementation of EHR. Despite some of the articles basing their research on the framework, some used the sociotechnical approach while others focused on social and cultural aspects.
Some of the findings retrieved from the article are classified using the Pettigrew’s framework for strategic changes. The conceptual module consists of three dimensions of content, process, and context. The scope of the review of the article is focused on findings related to the implementation process of EHR. It also excludes the reasons for outcomes and barriers to an EHR implementation.
Most of the findings need interpretation. From the results, most of the private hospitals do not invest in EHR, unlike the public hospitals. The private hospitals perceive EHR costs to be higher than the profits they make. In one of the findings, one gets reminded of the importance of choosing a suitable vendor considering experience with EHR market. Based on vast costs of investment, the EHR systems influence vendor selection. The aspect is promoted by the European tendering institutions.
In another category, the content of the EHR system highlights the essential software product. The selection is based on a carefully considered analysis and analysis of the quality of the vendor and experience. As per the article, an essential requirement is the degree of flexibility to adapt and customize the application to meet the needs of the work practices and users as well. The same software should challenge the medical facility to rethink and raise its standards. The most important part of the EHR systems is a relation to speed, flexibility and availability.
Findings on the implementation process based on category C focuses on four main aspects commonly mentioned in change management. The active participation and management support of clinical staff. There is a comprehensive strategy for implementation and the use of interdisciplinary implementation group that is guided by a ten guidelines. So...
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