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Select A Movie And Describe Its Acting: The Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (Coursework Sample)


select a movie and describe its acting and acting style


The Terminator 2: Judgment Day
The Terminator 2: Judgment Day
The movie I have chosen is “Terminator 2: judgment day” which was produced by James Cameron and was directed and written by James Cameron together with William Wisher. The major actors in Terminator 2 are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Edward Furlong, and Robert Patrick. Arnold is a personality actor. In this movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the role of the "Terminator,” and due to his unique personalities, he can adapt to the role and in the process connects with his audiences and due to this, he can play comparable characters in his other movies. He can be classified as a star. Robert Patrick in the terminator 2 plays the role of T-100 and is also a personality actor. In most of his film, Patrick has acted mostly as an agent, soldier or a cop and when he was asked why he said it because of the role he played in Terminator 2. Edward Furlong was new in the film industry at the time and I would classify him as a character actor.
The reasons for classifying these actors the way above is because for both Patrick and Arnold they play roles that are very similar in most of their movies. On the other hand, Edward Furlong has in several films played diffract roles than the two actors Patrick and Arnold. Arnold in most movies does not speak a lot, but he usually displays muscular body. He is known to do more and talk less. On the other hand, Patrick character is usually more soldier-like in most of his films (Boyle, 2012). Edward Furlong in most of his films starts as a weak character but by the end of the movie he is usually a well-developed and strong actor.
The actor who I will focus on is Arnold Schwarzenegger who acts as the terminator, and in a...
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