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Biological & Biomedical Sciences
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Liver Cirrhosis Biological & Biomedical Sciences Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Explains the disorders related to protein metabolism and other diseases that are associated with abnormal serum protein electrophoretic patterns.


Liver Cirrhosis
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Liver Cirrhosis
1 Explain the disorders related to protein metabolism and other diseases that are associated with abnormal serum protein electrophoretic patterns.
Diseases due to errors in Protein Metabolism
A person may acquire many diseases due to errors in protein metabolism. This study focuses on diseases such as Albinism, Tyrosinosis, Tyrosinernia and Alkaptonuria.
This disease emanates from the lack of homogentisic acid oxidase (Boyer, 2017). This makes the patient excrete urine with high concentration of homogentisic acid. Primarily, the disease is more prevalent in infancy. In the United States, 2 out of 1 million children in live birth suffer from this disease. Currently, there are 600 reported cases. In chronic cases, the patient may excrete dark urine. The color is seen as dark due to the oxidation of homogentisic acid in the air. The condition is present at birth and may intensify throughout the life of an individual.
Neonatal Tyrosinernia occurs at birth. This is caused when p-hydro-xyphenyl-pyruvic fails to oxidase. Traces of tyrosine acid appears in the urine. It may last for two weeks after birth which may persist if not properly attended to. To counter Tyrosinernia, the patient is administered with ascorbic acid or through reduction of protein intake to restore normalcy.
The condition arises due to the lack of either hepatic p-hydroxyphenylpyruvate hydroxylase or tyrosine transaminase reactions. This leads to excretion of large amount of tyrosine in the urine.

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