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Discussion on Manipulation in Marketing Business Coursework (Coursework Sample)


What manipulation tactics do brands use to get more customers? Are consumers equipped to shield themselves from manipulative marketing strategies? Is manipulative marketing welcomed by people?


Discussion on Manipulation in Marketing
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Discussion on Manipulation in Marketing
Brands use various manipulation tactics in order to acquire more customers and to gain more profits. These manipulation tactics may include; deceitful advertising, emotional persuasion, and manipulation by Photoshop and displays. Deceitful or false advertising uses deceitful, confusing, and misleading facts to customers (Nuseir, M. T. 2018). An advert may be false in terms of price and quantity of the product, quality, and standards of the product, information regarding discounts and warranties, dates, and location. These are facts that are important to customers for them to decide whether or not to buy certain products. When this information is manipulated to benefit the brand or company, the customer suffers more.
Emotional persuasion is when adverts are claims that tend to play with the customers' emotions consciously and unconsciously. In those claims, the products promise happiness of some level when the product is purchased or used. For instance, medicinal products such as pills and vaccines promise excellent results to users; thus this raises their hopes and emotions high, whereas these products may end up not delivering in accordance to their promised results.
Manipulation by Photoshop is a trending tactic in marketing due to the diverse use of technology. Photos of products and items on sale are edited to create an illusion or different looks from what it actually is. Color in this case, is changed in various ways to attract customers and appeal to their emotions. Photoshop also goes hand in hand with manipulation of size, authenticity, and price of products. Products that have been photoshopped look way better than normal ones in the market, which comes with exaggerated prices and sizes.

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