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Personal and Real Properties, Bailments, and Transfer of Ownership (Coursework Sample)


These WERE THE INSTRUCTIONS- First, please read two PowerPoints about chapters 24 and 23. Then on word, under the bus law final word Docx, there are questions that should be answered based on those two PowerPoints. Please make sure to answer each question separately. When answering questions, please ensure each answer is under the right question. Make sure your answers are on point and long. avoid short answering, please. Thank you
Chapter 23. Personal Property
1. Explain the difference between Personal Property versus Real Property.
2. Explain Bailments.
Chapter 24. Real Property
1. Explain Real Property.
2. Explain the Transfer of Ownership.


Business Law
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Business Law
Chapter 23. Personal Property
1.Explain the difference between Personal Property versus Real Property.
Personal property is a property that can be moved easily and cannot be linked to real property. The property can be acquired through possession, as a gift, as donative intent, or through production activities (Miller, 2022). Real property entails land and anything attached to it, such as buildings or trees.
2. Explain Bailments.
A bailment is the use of personal property without transferring the titles from one person, usually called the bailor, to another, also called the bailee. It has three elements: the delivery of possession, personal property requirement, and bailment agreement (Miller, 2022). Any failure to give up control during the bailment period is considered a breach 

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