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Dual enrollment Communications & Media Coursework Essay (Coursework Sample)


Describing the effects of dual enrollment


Impact of Dual Enrollment in High School and College Outcomes
Author’s Name
Melinda, M. k., Juan, C. c., Katherine, L. H., Dong, W. J., & Thomas R. B. (2007). The Postsecondary Achievement of Participants in Dual Enrollment: An Analysis of Student Outcomes in Two States. National Research Center for Career and Technical Education HYPERLINK
The article describes dual enrollment programs and their benefits to high school students. The benefits extend to all high school students unlike a few years back when only high-achieving students enjoyed the dual enrolment. Expanding the career and technical education (CTE) programs facilitates dual enrollment for all high school students. The article describe dual enrollments as collaborative initiatives between secondary schools and colleges to ensure smooth transition and graduation of the students. The authors examine the postsecondary outcomes due to both dual enrollment programs and CTE participation for all students rather than just the high achieving students.
The report will help to fill the research gap created by limited studies about the efficacy of dual enrolment programs. Examining the postsecondary outcomes for the students participating CTE and the outcomes of all students’ dual enrollment will help to confirm that the collaborative programs promote postsecondary success for students.

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