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Special Olympics: Institution for People with Intellectual Disability (Coursework Sample)


This task is about special Olympics. The Special Olympics is a global charitable organization that aims to provide year-in-year-out training in several Olympic-type sports for people with disabilities. Its Founder is Eunice Kennedy Shriver, and it is located in Washington DC (McConkey, 2020). The Special Olympics provides solutions to disabled individuals worldwide. It carries out several programs to aid in fundraising, grants, and acquisition. Through the GOC, it can approve sponsorships from regional sponsors and worldwide organizations.
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Special Olympics is Mary Davis. Kelli Seely is the Chief Marketing Officer of Special Olympics Ireland. She oversaw the organization's branding and marketing worldwide. She believes in using communication and proper negotiation skills to help promote marketing in the world. Before joining SO, she worked as the Vice President of the United Service Organization (USO).
The Special Olympics is polycentric, regiocentric, and geocentric but not ethnocentric. Polycentric implies having more than one centre. Geocentric is the approach to recruitment in which an organization selects or hires the most suitable person. This is true because the SO believes in delivering quality and qualified services. SO spends a lot of capital hiring public relations firms by hiring journalists, releasing press statements, and talking to journalists.
Employees deviate from their primary responsibilities because they are used to prepare publicity materials. Even if you do everything properly, a reporter's content might fail to reach the target audience. In the 1960s and 1970s, the security council helped prevent the escalation of the US conflicts. The SO overlooks racism, gender inequalities, political differences, and geographical ideologies. It promoted sportsmanship and the love for participation in the Olympics.
Some of the weaknesses of SO are threats such as transnational terrorism. The Special Olympics uses four promotional activities: advertisement, personal selling, publicity, and sales promotion. Advertising is mass selling because the information can reach a larger audience within a short period. Personal selling involves direct communication between the buyers and sellers. Sales promotions involve other forms of advertising rather than publicity and advertisement.
The SO should provide the following marketing suggestions; provision of training facilities globally that aid in the development of sports equality promotion. Support the UN by supporting the campaigns like Nothing But Nets that indirectly or directly affect the performance of athletes. Connect outstanding young leaders worldwide to the well-known sports organizations. The Special Olympics is a global foundation working with many organizations to solve problems associated with intellectual disabilities. It aims to receive grants that will help provide quality training in third-world countries.
These sports activities might be expensive to conduct due to the low costs of living in some parts of the world. With Covid-19, poverty, inadequate education systems, lack of proper water sanitation, poor health care systems, and hunger are challenging that most members of our societies, including athletes. The SO faces competition from other influential organizations but still stands due to its clarity on the use of its resources.


Special Olympics
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Special Olympics
The Special Olympics is a global charitable organization that aims to provide year-in-year-out training in several Olympic-type sports for people with disabilities. It is accomplished through sports by bringing people together to participate in Olympic games from different parts of the world. It is also possible to consider imaginative responses across countries, cultures, and people on the several ways to support adults and children with disabilities. All these prompted the existence of the Special Olympics(SO). The SO is a non-profit organization that works around the clock to provide equality between the people with disabilities and those that do not have. This makes it a vital factor for me as it ensures equal opportunities to develop, transform lives and promote the nobility of all humans in the world.
The Special Olympics' main objective is to link disabled people with other partners such as non-governmental organizations, expert businesses, and energy companies that help them address their needs and concerns. It tackles issues that involve demonstrating courage to those with low self-esteem, giving the disabled opportunities to improve physical fitness, experiencing joy in participation, and sharing gifts. It ensures skills and friendship are developed between families, society, and other Special Olympic athletes. Their global headquarters are located in Washington DC; it was founded in August 1998 in Washington DC (McConkey, 2020). Its Founder is Eunice Kennedy Shriver, and it is located at 1133 19th Street.
The Special Olympics and other crucial foundations working in partnership with it, such as the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics (LETRSO), United Airlines, The Coca-Cola Company, The Walt Disney Company and ESPN, and Bank of America, support is guaranteed and ensured. The SO initiates the following to accelerate fundraising to support the athletes and the people involved with it, among them, it authorizes the Games Organizing Committees(GOC) to arrange for corporate sponsorship for world games, it licenses the use of its name Special Olympics, use of regional game sponsors approved by GOC, conducting fundraising and seeking for grants (Slater, 2020). Together, these organizations work to ensure all the countries and people participating in the Olympics receive equal opportunities, favors, grants to support themselves. This leads to the parallel development of everything in the world.
The Special Olympics works in conjunction with other partnerships and foundations to provide solutions to disabled individuals worldwide. The solutions provided involve instructions to participate, learn, benefit individually or as a team, training under the guidance of qualified coaches for physical conditioning to boost sports skills, provision of opportunities to participate, benefit from athletic competition program to every person who meets the eligibility requirement set in Article 2, surpassing all gender, nationality, race, political philosophy and offer training and competition to any individual with intellectual disabilities, promotion of sportsmanship and joy in participation for its own sake and lastly, promoting sports and competitions at local levels to reach most of the eligible athletes (Dubois, 2020). It carries out several programs to aid in fundraising, grants, and acquisition, and through the GOC, it can approve sponsorships from regional sponsors and worldwide organizations.
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Special Olympics is Mary Davis. She has played a massive part in the inventiveness and rapid development of the Special Olympics for a very long time. Immediately after College, Davis started as a local program volunteer and coach in the Special Olympics. She has then managed to achieve a series of attractive deals in line with her leadership roles which entails being a key member of the team that invented the SO first-ever Regional Games, such as the European Special Olympic Games in the year 1985, development of an influential program as Special Olympics of Ireland CEO, globalization of the first-ever Special Olympics World Summer Games in 2003

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