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The History of MakeUp (Coursework Sample)


Hello friends, this assignment is for my Comm 101 class, I need someone with the best grammar and writing skills to write an Informative speech for me using the Aristotelian Outline which I will put down below.
I. Introduction
A. Attention Gainer (Source cite?)
B. Significance/interest (Source cite)
C. Thesis
D. Preview
II. Body
A. Pt. 1 Claim + support (Source cites) Transition
B. Pt. 2 Claim + support (Source cites) Transition
C. Pt. 3 Claim + support (Source cites)
III. Conclusion
A. Review
B. Restate thesis
C. Leave us with something to think about and/or tie into attention gainer
You must follow this exact pattern.
Moreover, there must be 6 sources exactly for the speech. Sources are where you get your information. These can be magazines, academic journals or newspapers. All the information in the speech must be from a source. You must turn in a full copy of your speech with all of your sources in bold and a Works Cited (MLA) or Reference Page (APA). Please be creative with how you incorporate you sources into you speech.
Additional Information
Nine ways to cite your sources.
The following information was taken from the August 19, 1996 issue of Time magazine. The article was about a meteor from Mars.
Another [electron-microscope image] showed what seemed to be colonies of slug like creatures. As startling as these images were, they constituted just one of several lines of evidence that [NASA] team leader David McKay cites as “pointing toward biologic activity in early Mars.”
Here are nine different ways to cite this source in a speech:
According to the Aug. 19, 1996 issue of Time there is evidence that points to biologic activity in early Mars.
In the Aug. 1996 issue of Time it was stated that there is evidence that points toward biologic activity in early Mars.
There is evidence that points to biologic activity in early Mars, according to the Aug. 19, 1996 issue of Time.
There is evidence, according to the Aug. 19, 1996 issue of Time, that points to biologic activity in early Mars.
It was reported in the Aug. 1996 issue of Time that there is evidence that points to biologic activity in early Mars.
According to the Aug. 19, 1996 issue of Time, NASA team leader David McCay reported that there is evidence “pointing toward biologic activity in early Mars.”
David McCay, leader for the NASA team assigned to study the meteor stated in the Aug. 19, 1996 issue that there is evidence “pointing toward biologic activity in early Mars.”
According to David McCay in the Aug. 19, 1996 issue of Time, there is evidence that points “toward biologic activity in early Mars.”
In the Aug. 19, 1996 issue of Time, it was reported that one electron image showed what appeared to be slug like creatures. David McCay, a NASA team leader, reported that this is one of the several lines of evidence “pointing to biologic activity in early Mars.”
These are only examples. There are many other ways to cite your sources. Be creative, but also try to be simple and clear.
Throughout your speech, try to cite in different ways. When every cite begins with “According to..,” your speech could lose some of its impact.
Finally! This speech will be about the history of cosmetic makeup
Please try doing your best on on this assignment since it will effect my grade drastically! :)
***Will tip for hard work and effort***


The History of Makeup
Course Code: Course title
The History of Makeup
Think about the colour of your hair, is it the original colour? Take a look at your neighbour are their lips the natural colour? Now think about their appearance and yours, does the make-up they’ve applied add to their beauty or your perception of their appeal? Do you know that beautification is older than Cleopatra? Did you know that the makeup industry is worth billions? According to the article by cosmetic (2016), the use of cosmetics is as old as human civilization. This tradition dated back to early Egyptian, Roman, Mesopotamians, and Greek cultures and was associated with both male and female genders. While these earlier forms of cosmetics may bear little resemblance to the present make up options available, cosmetics had significance in beauty, religious rituals, and the promotion of good health. According to this article, while makeup may have had the function of protection from harmful sun rays, it also played a role in the identification of and distinction of classes. However, according to an article in the Business Insider by Bethany Biron (2016), the modern cosmetic industry peaked at nearly $ 532 and showed no signs of slowing down.
Historically, ancient Egypt is considered the cradle of cosmetic make up with rich records of use and application of different plants and oils. In her article History of Makeup, Christy French (2016) reports the presence of various artifacts in 1st Century Egyptian tombs that point to cosmetics. The article argues for evidence of unguent jars, a substance used in skin protection and hydration. In addition, it provides information into the use of kohl in facial beautification among the Egyptians, a practice adopted by the Jews as well. Besides, kohl and unguent, (2016) highlights the use of thyme, Myrrh, sesame oil, rose, aloe, almond oil, lavender, chamomile, lily, peppermint and lavender in Egypt for perfumes and scented oils. Concerning nail polish, the painting of the nails using egg, beeswax, or gelatin displayed class differences by ancient Chinese.
Besides the Egyptians, Greeks and Chinese also have cosmetic histories using chalk and rice powder to whiten their complexion, respectively. This obsession with complexion and the use of makeup to lighten the skin carried on to the middle ages with an assortment of methods applied. This Middle Ages obsession with beauty is highlighted in the book Chemical composition of everyday products that presents bleeding as a skin whitening cosmetic therapy by women in the 6th century to achieve. The book also presents the propagation of financial status via the use of lipstick in the 13th century as well as its association with prostitution in Spain. In addition, the authors expound on the experimental and deadly nature of cosmetic makeup application during the Renaissance.
This period in makeup history witnessed the use of chemicals such as zinc and lead in face whitening, with women in Elizabethan England mixing lead with vinegar to produce Ceruse. French (2016) denotes the fatality of this practice, while Toedt, Koza, & Cleef-Toedt (2005) highlight their effect through hair loss and receding hairlines. However, with the turn of the 20th century, new and scientifically proven methods were employed in the makeup industry. This introduction of research and development came with the advent of alternative toxin-free products, plastic surgery, and "green" products. In addition, the cosmetic industry has invested in marketing and transparency of product composition and effects. This campaign, according to Biron (2016), has been the main factor promoting the financial boom in this industry globally.
In conclusion, the concept of cosmetic augmentation is as old as the co

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