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Strategic Social Media Campaign (Coursework Sample)


dentify and describe a recent word-of-mouth or social media campaign and write on whether the approach used was strategic in nature (part of a bigger branding campaign aimed at a specific set of targets) or if was more of a stand-alone sales promotion activity. Discuss why you think it worked or didn’t work


Strategic Social Media Campaign
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Strategic Social Media Campaign
The marketing campaign is a powerful asset in communication that motivates people to purchase a particular product. The red bull advert is an example of a social media campaign that is strategic. The company uploaded the marketing campaign on Instagram to tap the increasing youthful customers.
Red bull is among the top marketing powerhouse in the World. The company’s marketing plan portrays its brand as “Summer Edition” for the Australian Market (Dann, 2018). The company made the brand unique through solidification of its identity. The Instagram advert depicts young people in an event consuming the new tropical-flavored brand. The main goal of the social media campaign was to create leads as well as driving the awareness of the extension of the brand while engaging the targeted audience (Venkatesan, 2017). The new tropical brand strategically targeted young people in their summer moods. Through attracting imagery, the red bull campaign focuses on the appeal of the sport to gather appealing energies from a growing market.
The red bull social media campaign was a successful affair. The brand managed to woo a more significant number of Instagram users. Forbes termed the brand awareness campaign as the next wave of influencer marketing due to its ability to attract a broad audience on Instagram. According to Forbes, red bull was among the three brands nailing the Instagram marketing (Bullock, 2018; Wissman, 2018). The social media campaign managed to establish a base of loyal customers through the engagement of the app users. As compared to the standard display ads, the red bull Instagram campaign could manage a reduction on the cost per lead. The Instagram marketing campaign in 2015 facilitated the increase in leads and sales. Therefore, the social media campaign managed to gather higher traffic, increasing the buying cycle.
The red bull Instagram campaign was strategic due to its ability to target the growing market of sportsmen and women as well as professionals. The red bull brand awareness campaign has attracted a large num

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