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The Funding Issue on the Centre for African Justice Peace and Human Rights (Coursework Sample)


There are three parts to the project which are specified in the attached document. Please make sure to distinguish and make a clear demarcation of the three parts. This is communicated in the attached document. Please communicate with me if anything is unclear.
The name of the organisation/client is Centre for African Justice Peace and Human Rights, The Hague.
The reason and focus of the project is in the area of FUNDING. There is a lack of funding in the organisation and as a result, they need help with a consultant. This is where the project work/course work is about.


Advanced Policy Advice Skills /AN
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Advanced Policy Advice Skills /AN
The Centre for African Justice Peace and Human Rights, as a non-governmental organization, is one of the fields that is large and varied, with numerous jobs that range from educators, researchers, and analysts’ reporters, among other people. The various occupants in Such Non-governmental organizations, help the community in numerous ways, from analysis of evidence to catch on to the accused, defending of the accused individuals, and protection of the citizens from criminals. Like any other field of career like business, and healthcare, the Centre for African Justice Peace and Human Rights, non-governmental organization field is a broad field that deserves a lot of attention to help maintain peace and sanity within the community. Despite having various jobs within the Centre for African Justice Peace and Human Rights, field, all the jobs have various things in common. All the criminal justice workers may never manage to do their work in the right way without funding. The problem of funding affects various careers more than it affects others.
Despite funding affecting various careers, lack of funding may be more serious because it may mean that various operations within the institutions come to a halt. The Centre for African Justice Peace and Human Rights, seem to suffer from a lack of funding compared with the local non-governmental organizations. This is because the local governmental organization systems are purely funded by the countries government, while the non-governmental system is supported by various bodies, institutes, and specific countries. In case of lack of funding, a big threat is caused to the Centre for African Justice Peace and Human Rights, that needs to be sorted. One of the most affected non-governmental organizations, due to lack of funding, is the center for African justice, peace, and human rights, situated in the Hague Netherlands. Though to make the organization operate normally or manage all its activities, it is important to give a solution to the issue of lack of funding through consultancy.
The Center for African Justice Peace and Human Rights (The Hague)
The center for African justice, peace, and human rights is one of the non-governmental institutions that are located or have its official headquarters at the municipality of Hague in the Netherlands. The institution engages in promoting peace, justice, and human rights through awareness education, training, campaign, outreach, and capacity building, among other roles in Africa. The institution gives most African countries a chance to understand and reclaim their rights in the presence of various issues that may include political wars, human oppression, and human threats within the African nations (Crawley & Blitz, 2019). How best can people claim their rights? This is one of the questions addressed by the center for African justice, peace, and human rights.
The institution has set various strategies in addressing the issue through education, awareness, and training. Other questions that other people ask concerning justice are how best can justice be applied and pronounced? How best can people learn to maintain peace? To a great extent, the answers to these particular questions are based around the campaign, education, training, capacity building, and awareness creation, among other factors. The center for African justice, peace, and human rights are one of the institutions that have planned various events that are all aimed at educating people, creating awareness, and training various individuals in understanding their rights. The institution also trains people in understanding what help they can get in cases where their rights have been violated by other institutions or individuals. The brilliant committee members of the justice institution have helped the organization design various approaches that would be key in tackling various common issues that may hinder or impact justice, peace, and the rights of humans in Africa and across the globe. The center for African justice, peace, and human rights collaborates with governments, non-governmental organizations, private individuals, and other institutions in promoting peace, justice, and human rights through varying venues.
Mission Statement for Centre for African Justice Peace and Human Rights
The mission statement for the center for African Justice Peace, and human rights, is to advance peace, justice, and human rights in Africa. The organization engages in promoting human rights, peace, and justice through awareness, education, training, outreach, and campaign and capacity building in Africa.
Statement of the Problem
The center for African justice, peace, and human rights, as an institution, is faced with a lack of funding. To make the organization attain its various mandate, a solution to the issue must be addressed.
* The first aim of the study is to give various solutions to the issue of lack of funding to the center for Africa, justice, peace, and human rights.
* An understanding of the various technical issues or business problems that the organization is experiencing.
* An understanding of what is working within the organization and other various possibilities to managing the situation.
* Understanding of the various strategies put across to manage the situation.
Origins / Description of the Problem and Consulting Assignment
In finding the solution to the problem of lack of funding to the center for Africans, justice, peace, and human rights, a distinctive consulting process is one of the key processes that must be initiated. This was done through the initiation of a five-phase consulting process that was key in understanding the problem of lack of funding to the institution and provision of the possible solution to the issues.
Entry and contracting
This phase is described by the relationship between the consultancy and the client organization, in this case, the center for African justice, peace, and human rights. The phase is made to help test the fit of the various values and skills of the consultancy, concerning how to fit the consultancy is towards bringing the solution to the organization (Cheng et al., 2018). The stage also involved a clarification of the consultancy expectation or goals, which in this context meant the solution towards the issue, and the various desired characteristics that exist in the client consultancy relationship.
Discovery and Dialogue
Despite the consultancy being appointed to solve the issue regarding lack of funding within the organization, the discovery approach may also be very important to be used by the consultancy. This was done through seeking and clarification of the various information concerning the organization. The information collected may be attained through various processes, including interviews, dialogue, among other processes (Kumar, & Dixit, 2018). The organization information was gathered through a collaborative process that involved dialogue and interviews between the consultancy and the organization's client members. The information gathered through the process was then used to help drive meaning to the consultancy and the lack of funding issue at hand.
Feedback and Decision Act
After making the various discoveries on the issue that the organization is facing, that is, lack of funding plus additional issues that involved technical issues, the client and the consultancy came to a mutual understanding. Some of the factors that were arrived at in the understanding involved the areas of focus in the consultancy, which were categories to bringing a solution to the issue of lack of funding and technical issues, among other issues that the consultancy discovered. The other issues arrived at included the type of analysis, and what factors to act on, and the procedure of doing the actual acts.
Engagement and implementation.
The phase involved the consultancy and the client's decisions on various specific activities that are key in ensuring that the project goal is performed by the consultancy. The phase also ensured that the consultancy was supported by the organization and its members.
Extension Recycle or Closure
Once the process of finding the solution was complete at the organization by the consultancy, there was a space for comparison between the past state and the present state of the organization in terms of funding. This phase determined whether the consultancy work was complete or the presence of other actions that may be taken care of.
The agreement that the client organization made with the consultancy was to find various solutions to lack of funding. Therefore, the desired final product in the task was to ensure that the consultancy implemented a strategy to ensure that the client institution does not suffer from a lack of funding.
Assessment of the Definition
The type of data gathering that the consultancy firm used to find a solution towards lack of funding at the center for African justice, peace, and human rights included the use of interviews and surveys. The consultancy made efforts to interview various individuals within the institute. A large portion of the survey and the interviews were directed towards the managerial bodies within the organization. In contrast, a portion of other questions was directed to the various stakeholders within the organization. Some of the main issues that covered a large part of the surveys and inter...

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