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Affirmative Actions on the Homecoming King, Patriot Act, and Modern Society (Coursework Sample)


This is a combined analysis, so only 1 submission is required (roughly 1/2 page should be dedicated to each). Please make sure to answer all questions. You can go over the 1 page minimum, but not under.
Guiding Questions for Homecoming King:
When writing your analysis, I would like you to focus on the points Hasan Minhaj makes about race, religion, racism, and the pressure of being viewed as the "model minority".
Guiding Questions for Patriot Act:
Watch the following episode from Patriot Act and answer the following questions (this is a combined paper with Homecoming King) Link:
Who does Affirmative Action benefit most?
What was the purpose and thought behind Affirmative Action?
Do you think that we still need Affirmative Action or do you think the "playing field" has been leveled? Be sure to give supporting evidence of your claims.
Affirmative Action is going to be on California's ballot this November 3rd. This is a brief excerpt from a non-partisan site:
Proposition 16 is a constitutional amendment that would repeal Proposition 209 (,_Affirmative_Action_Initiative_(1996)), passed in 1996 (, from the California Constitution ( Proposition 209 stated that discrimination and preferential treatment were prohibited in public employment, public education, and public contracting on account of a person's or group's race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin. Therefore, Proposition 209 banned the use of affirmative action ( involving race-based or sex-based preferences in California.
Without Proposition 209, the state government, local governments, public universities, and other political subdivisions and public entities would—within the limits of federal law—be allowed to develop and use affirmative action programs that grant preferences based on race, sex, color, ethnicity, and national origin in public employment, public education, and public contracting.
What exactly was Prop 16? What did a yes vote mean and what does a no vote mean? Why do you think there was an overwhelming grassroots push to vote no? Which demographics overwhelmingly voted no on 16, and why do you think they voted that way?
Movie Analyses
This response paper will follow the same formatting guidelines as your reflection papers: Times New Roman, 12 pt., 1" margins, single-spaced, 1 full-page minimum, with your name, course number, and assignment in the header. Only Word documents will be accepted.
This is NOT a summary of the documentary/film, as I have watched it several times. What I would like you to do is to discuss what portions of the documentary resonated with you the most and why and be sure to link the film to the material presented in class. This is a very informal write up in that I essentially want to hear your thoughts on the material that was presented.
Specific guiding questions (based on the film) will be posted online under each submission link, so be sure to have a look before you begin writing. No late or emailed copies will be accepted.
More Links:


Homecoming King & Patriot Act: Affirmative Action Analysis
(Author’s Name)
(Professor’s Name)
Homecoming King & Patriot Act: Affirmative Action Analysis
Segments Benefiting Most from Affirmative Action
The segments believed to enjoy affirmative action are gender, women, people of color, race, and nationality in the United States. For instance, the NBA is formed by all white men because they were the ones considered fit to play. Women also benefit most because they raised the concern for being underrepresented in most sectors of the society dominated by men. As a result, there has been an increase of women in workplaces, education, and political arenas. People of color also claim to be underrepresented in the education sector in the United States, notably Asian Americans (Minhaj, 2018). Despite the complaints, the number of Asian communities at the Harvard University is rising annually. For instance, at Harvard University, Asians filed a lawsuit against the institution to reject admission applications from several Asian applicants (Kiang et al., 2015). However, the students failed to recognize the factors that are considered by the university, such as the GPA and the existing number of Asian students, before accepting more.
Purpose and Thought Behind Affirmative Action
In the United States, affirmative action began in 1961 to offer opportunities to historically minority groups in society. The policy was introduced to ensure to end racism and ensure equality. President John F. Kennedy introduced affirmative action to ensure the minorities in society get equal treatment as white citizens (Ballotpedia, 2021). The president wanted to ensure humanity for all regardless of nationality, color, race, color, and creed. It was a move for ensuring social equality. Women were also included in affirmative action as they felt underrepresented in the employment, education, and political sector. Therefore, public institutions like the government and university institutions face more affirmative laws for failing to recognize the minorities in society.
Use of Affirmative Action

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