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Professional Communication (Coursework Sample)


This course will focus on communication through professional writing. You will prepare documents for a professional setting and a particular audience. For this week’s discussion, review 1 of the following stories that highlight a company or employee not utilizing professional communication:
Focus your discussion on the following:
Provide a summary of 2–3 sentences that discusses the story.
Identify what the company or employee said that made the communication unprofessional or not effective.
After reviewing Chapter 3 in your e-book, provide 2 examples of how you would change the company's or employee's communication to make it more effective and professional.


Professional Communication
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Date Professional Communication
It is very common for organizations or people to find themselves as culprits of unprofessional and ineffective communication. Like in this scenario, KitchenAid through Twitter was a guilty party after it sent offensive Tweet about President’s Obama’s grandmother. As it goes into the record, the company claimed that she knew that Obama becoming a president was a sad story and died three days before him clinching the presidency (Stenovec, 2012).
Apparently, it is a scenario that is devoid of respect for the alive and the deceased as it tries to connect the demise to a forecasted situation which was not the case. In fact, the United States went ahead to have a distinguished tenure under Barrack Obama, and there is no valid connection between the former president’s grandmother and the eventualities. On the same case, the company realized immediately that the tweet was trending for the wrong reason and did all that it could manage to put it down but in vain. Shortly, a lot of people circulated the message many times; therefore, it also had an impact on the company’s image as it appeared politically inclined and a spreader of hatred.
In a way to redeem itself, the company went ahead and issued an apology although the damage was irreversible. In fact, many took advantage of the case to attack the company as well as capitalizing on it to damage its reputation. The entire scenario is an accurate reflection regarding unprofessional communication. Characteristically, it is unethical in nature as it has a significant reference and connection with the dead. More so, other than being sarcastic, the tweet stoops too low to spread hatred as it doesn’t contain any element to bind the parties involved with others socially. Although it happens often and particularly during campaign periods, tarnishing of other people’s names should have some element of respect and relating a person to their dear ones who are dead is also painful besides being disrespectful.
In one way or the other, there is a high possibility that the employee who made the tweet did not factor how much damage it would cause or the weight it had carried. In a way to avoid a similar scenario, there are several ways that one can change the communication to make it more effective and professional. As an elemental note, the major procedure that characterizes professional communication involves ethical inclusions. In this case, the person speaking, writing, or using gestures must ensure that there is no reflection or promotion of character damage, which as well must eliminate features that involve insults, mockery, and disdain of anyone’s personality (DiSanza & Legge, 2016). Consequently, the mention that Obama’s grandmother knew it would be bad should not appear anywhere. Else, it can read as “sad that Obama’s grandmother is gone before America decides.”
Apart from the ethical dimension, the other important part in professional communication involves showing respect and doing it in a procedural way (Schriver, 2012). In many societies especially with the matter concerning the aged or peacefully departed, it is recommended to tag them with a farewell message or an encouragement note. Regarding that, the tweet is incomplete and shows disrespect without the “Rest in Peace” or a similar note like “Gone too soon” note. It is very plain and

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