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Evaluating Wideman's Complaint (Coursework Sample)

Do you think Wideman has a legitimate complaint, or is what he's observing largely in his imagination?
2. Why does he close by quoting the reminder in the subways: If you see something, say something?
3. Talk about a time when you felt you were subject to discrimination or racism in some way,


Assignment 2
Question 1
In my opinion, Wideman has a legitimate complaint. As I have also observed in many situations, Wideman realized that racism is real and that that citizens in America continue to show disapproval of black people even after the worst racial era has lapsed. In a time when America has already has an African American president, Wideman’s complaint is justified as there is no apparently good reason to disapprove black people. He observes that the seat beside him in the commuter train is empty because nobody wants to sit near a black person. He realizes that the difference between him and the other people in the commuter train is the color of his skin. In the end he states that he looks forward to that day when all sits in the commuter are occupied. It is until that time when he will enjoy seeing an extra seat beside him. I concur with him that until the car or the train is full, skin color will be a crucial consideration as many people will shun sitting even in a free seat beside a person of color.
Question 2
Wideman quotes “If you see something, say something” for obvious reasons. For example, he wants people to acknowledge and speak out whenever issues such as racial discrimination show up. He wants people to understand that social injustices such as racism are still around and not gone forever. Color identification is no longer applicable and people should accept the reality that distinctions such as those of color are now totally accepted. Nonetheless, he refuses to acquiesce to the notion because he notices that there is incomplete acceptance and recognition of these individual distinctions. As per Wideman (2010), racism is still a noticeable thing as per his experience and he wants people to speak out when they notice such social injustices. Thus, the quote “If you see something, say something” is a call for people to create awareness of indicators of racial discrimination and social injustice and even report them.

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