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Comprehensive coaching and team building plan. Education Coursework (Coursework Sample)


develop a comprehensive coaching and team-building plan for a team. begin by creating a fictitious team, including the sport, age range, and approximate size.
in the plan, you should address all the following issues to develop a cohesive team of successful athletes.
*operant conditioning procedures to promote desirable behaviors
*team-building strategies to enhance group cohesiveness
*coach leadership style and development of athlete leaders
*Goal setting and strategies to attain peak performance.
*stress management.


Comprehensive Coaching and Team Building Plan
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Building a successful team is more than just finding individuals and putting them in a group. This paper will focus on building a cohesive and successful athletes team through effective motivation, communication, offering operant conditioning procedures to promote desirable behaviors, team building strategies to enhance group cohesiveness, setting goals and strategies to achieve peak performance, and lastly, stress management. The age range of the team members will be between 15 years of age to 25 years. The sport will be race walking and their BMI must be approximately 20.58. Attaining and maintain a cohesive team is every team leader’s aim.
Motivation of the athletes is one key element that influences them significantly. Some advantages of motivation include, attracting more athletes, retaining the team members, and improving the productivity of the members (Beauchamp, 2017). In our case, motivation to increase the productivity of athletes can be done through two ways; Extrinsic and Intrinsic. According to self-determination theory, intrinsically motivated athletes participate for the love of the sport, and chances are they will enjoy the sport. Also, extrinsically motivating athletes would come in form of rewards such as money, awards among others. It is important to note that well-motivated team endeavors inwardly to be competent and self-determined.
Effective communication within the team is an important aspect. It can be used to solve problems within the team in that, any issue which arises may be voiced and handled, thus avoiding issues such as quitting or moving to other teams. Effective communication also improves the levels of trust within the team, increases productivity, promotes team building, provides clarity and direction and increases engagement (Pollack, 2019). 

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