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Features Of Misleading Articles Coursework Assignment (Coursework Sample)


IT involved IDENTIFYING and analyzing an article which is misleading based on several features


Analysis of a Misleading Article
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Analysis of a Misleading Article
In 2016, 70News wrote an article entitled “final election count year 2016”. This story is linked to its Facebook account that wrongly indicated that Mr. Donald Trump, the winner of the Electoral College was far ahead of Hillary Clinton who was his Democratic challenger, in the United State popular vote polls. In the next morning when this information was posted, it was termed as the number two in google searches. The author argued that Mr. Trump had won the election based on his popularity and the pledges he had after taking the presidential authority. However, his view was criticized by the public who flocked on the page to see his statistical basis. The page provided bogus statistics used to determine his winning.
According to the author, Trump’s popularity as a result of his investment is one of the best way that would see him take over the white house control. He further argues that Trump’s experience and skills used to run his investment such as Trump Entertainment Resorts and Real Estates was good enough to govern the United State. His evidence was based his ability to run the investments as the chairman and the president of the organizations. In my perception, the idea of the writer was wrong to term Trump as the best candidate in the united states. The authors perception of his experience as the best was only meant to manipulate the public so as for him to gather more votes. Perkins (2008) stated that the political mileage of a candidate was not based on propaganda. The author failed to cite the sources for his information as well as the references in his article. In addition, there is no concrete evidence provided for his argument that could actually make the public convinced of his projections.
The writer uses a common phrase use by Trump during his campaign to create a headline for his pledges. “We will make America great again” he quotes. This phrase is used to attract the attention of the public on his article. Moreover, he outlines the pledges of the ‘expected’ president and he explains why in his view, Donald was the best fit. He states that Trump was dedicated to restore the wealth and glory of America once more. As presented by Clark (1994) a good article should provide answers to “why”, “how” and “there”. The writer urges the public to vote for trump because he had already emerged the winner in the popular vote polls by quoting that the initiates of the president were achievable elsewhere in the developed countries. His failure to cite the instances where these pledges had worked in the world was one of the short coming in his article.
The author illustrate how Trump would win the elections by use of a graph that showed the results of all the contestants in percentage forms. In this illustration, Trump is perceived to win the election with a sixty-four percent followed by Hillary. The author falls in to trap and again does not provide the sources of his data, the methods used in data collection, and the criteria used in analysis. Dodge (2004) explains the method and processes used in research and their analysis. However, the writer omits this information which would serves as evidence for his work. He further, make a conclusion that in all means trum...
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