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How to Encourage Social Positive Behavior (Coursework Sample)


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Subject: Education
Topic: Unit 3 DB: Encouraging Positive Social Behavior
The teacher in the Mindtap video, Guidance for Young Children: Teacher Techniques for Encouraging Positive Social Behaviors discusses the value of spending individual time with each child in order to give each child focused attention. Taking the time to do this will help your classroom management skills. If you have worked/volunteered in a classroom, what are some techniques that you have observed? How would you integrate individual time with each child into the daily schedule for your own class?


How to Encourage Social Positive Behavior

Teachers in schools are the present parents that society depends on in developing good morals among the children. Therefore, to make children develop good morals and behavior, there is a need for teachers in class to give each child special attention. The idea would not only benefit the child; it would as well help the teacher develop their management skills. As a volunteer in one of the institutions, I observed that most teachers do not incorporate one-to-one strategy when attending to the learners. Therefore, I came up with suggestions on how a teacher should integrate individual time in class to benefit each child.
The teachers should aim at the quality of the child. Each child should be given at least ten minutes of undivided attention (Hayes. 2007). There is a need for the teacher to have healthy interactions while maintaining eye contact. Doing this will help the child feel loved and valued and develop excellent and positive attention.

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