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Implementing Response To Intervention (Coursework Sample)


1) Your school district is going through a process of initiating RtI/MTSS and has a good quality core Tier
1 level of instruction/intervention. They are ready to progress into determining how best to set up Tier 2
interventions and have asked your opinion, as the school psychologist for ideas. Based on your readings,
particularly chapter 6 in Implementing Response to Intervention:
*What suggestions would you offer when developing a plan for Tier 2 intervention (organization, so that
they can happen, not specific interventions)? Why?
*Discuss at the elementary level and at the secondary level.
2. Create a mock case and describe an intervention that you would use to assist a group of children and
their teacher (at a Tier 2 level of intensity) to address a behavior need of your selection. This discussion
is open to your creativity or you may use a real case (maintain confidentiality) and how you would
address using a Tier 2 intervention.
For example, perhaps the teacher came to you stating that there are three students that have significant
difficulty blurting out in their class and this is becoming a distraction. The teacher has a good/clear
classroom management system in place and needs an additional intervention to assist these children. You
suggest using a multicomponent intervention to reduce the disruptive behavior, and then you would go
onto explain the intervention and how you will collaborate with the teacher to set the intervention up, and
how you will monitor for progress.
Make sure to address:
1) Create a mock situation involving behavioral needs in a classroom at the Tier 2 intensity level (can be
elementary or middle school, please let your readers know the grade level)
2) What intervention do you suggest and why? Can be from your reading or from additional sources.
3) What does the process look like for setting this up in the teacher's classroom?
4) How will you monitor progress to know the intervention is working? What types of data sheets are you
using or method of collecting data for progress monitoring purposes? It would be great for you to create
this sheet (or if you have a good ready made one) and share as part of the post.
5) How will you determine if the intervention is a success and plans for backing off the intervention over


Implementation at Secondary level
MTSS can be seen as a relatively new framework. One of the suggestions is the use of The Student Success Team; the team should be made up of MTSS Support Specialist. Core teachers, guidance counselors, occupational therapists, and student success teams are responsible for decision-making. Learning Community Leaders (LC) should be used, usually an individual who is an expert in special education needs or school psychology (GEORGE LUCAS EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION, 2014). LC identifies classes where there is a cohort of students requiring intervention. The other strategy is Pushing into the Classroom. Unlike at the elementary level, students are not pulled out of the class. After the core lessons end, teachers and the LC leader push into the classroom. The main aim is to help them acquire organizational, study, and life skills. In addition, strategies to help them have a better understanding of materials is provided. Finally, Afterschool Help Sessions, whereby students who need extra support attend sessions on specific days and times.
Implementation at the elementary level
At the elementary level, the first suggestion is to use data for personalized instructions. Collecting Data is instrumental. At the elementary level, DIBELS progress monitoring and the Gates-MacGinitie reading test are used (GEORGE LUCAS EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION, 2014). Using Individual Strengths whereby teachers determine who leads instruction based on individual strength. Finally, reducing stigma is important. It is vital to avoid labeling and stigmatization whereby students are identified as needing help.

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