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Real Behavior Observation (Coursework Sample)


the assignment was about analysing a real behavior of a youth with mental disability. the assignment was to talk about what you observed in the public that was abnormal, without saying the identity of the victim just to say what you heard and what you saw then describe it. it was an easy assignment and i did it in less than an hour.


Real behavior observation assignment
Real behavior observation
I was out in public when I went to the supermarket for shopping then I saw a very strange behavior from a young man running up and down while cursing out everyone in his way. The young man was shirtless only wearing a pair of shorts which he kept holding tightly with his hand so it could not fall down because he did not have a belt. The man kept cursing and using filthy words as he approached people.
Behavioral incident;
The young man running up and down within a short distance like a headless chicken, cursing out everyone on his way and holding his pair of short

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