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Meeting analysis Education Coursework Research Paper (Coursework Sample)


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Attend a local public meeting and summarize responses to the questions below. Examples of public office meetings include City council meeting, County Board of Supervisor meetings, and School Board meetings. Please submit a copy of the Meeting Agenda to your assignment submission. Please number the answers.
Which elected officials were in attendance? 2, Describe three common themes (preferably around social problems) that the public expressed during the public comments portion of the agenda? What are your thoughts on these issues? 3, Describe the format of the meeting. What are your thoughts on the format? 4, What items were voted on by the council/board during the meeting? What were the outcomes for each item? 5, How was research utilized to inform the discussion? If it was not discussed, how could research be used to inform the discussion? 6, Were there any controversial items on the agenda (e.g. cannabis businesses, etc.)? If so, how much overall support did the item receive amongst the constituents in attendance and amongst the council/board? 7,During the board/council member comments portion of the agenda, what social issues or problems were mentioned and by whom? 8, Reflect on your overall impressions about this experience.


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Answer 1
The elected officials present in the meeting were the area governor, senator, member of the Legislative Assembly, as well as the Member of Parliament.
Answer 2
The three major common themes expressed during the meeting were education, love, and harmony. In particular, in the theme of education, the public reflected on education for children and young people in the community. The other integral theme is love, where the general public is always urged to show each other love and affection. Eventually, the theme of harmony is also outlined; here, the public is urged to coexist in peace.
Essentially, I believe that the issues of love, education, and harmony expressed by the public in the meeting are crucial for the people's good and excellent living. In other ways, without these themes, individuals in our communities might not be able to lead excellent and straightforward lives. This way, these themes are integral for our general existence.

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