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Crime Case Against Leopold and Loeb. Coursework Assignment. (Coursework Sample)


Crime Case Against Leopold and Loeb


Crime Case Against Leopold and Loeb
Darrow is an attorney in Cook County, where he has won different severe cases. However, he is going through awkward moments, defending murderers who have themselves' confessed to having committed the crime. Darrow argues that, that they must not be sentenced to death. He believes that the duo who had planned and committed a perfect crime was under the influence of something more supernatural. The supernatural power that controlled the two, he argued, was something beyond their control. And he couldn't tell exactly what generation of their forefathers must have planted the bad seed. The lawyer believes that capital punishment has no place in the twentieth century.
Darrow insists that the teenagers were not to be blamed; he highlights different scenarios of how parents raise their children. What strikes him most is that he knows the parents of the two accused and believes in them not to have given the children lousy education. He says that even the criminals themselves are not to be blamed. From their level of education, and having been confirmed sane by psychiatrists, the only driver to committing such a heinous act is supernatural being beyond them. Their parents are not to blame because of their moral values; there's nothing they like because of their family's economic status. 

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