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Criminology assignment. Literature & Language Coursework (Coursework Sample)


explain various types of homicide


Main Types of Homicide
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Table of content
An overview of the research on Homicide
Introduction to the Homicide
Body explaining Main Different Types of Homicide
Each Paragraph with a Topic Sentence
Conclusion on the main types of Homicide
References on the Types of Homicide
Main Types of Homicide
An act of killing another person is defined as Homicide. Homicide acts are viewed as the most severe and dangerous criminal offenses occurring in almost every country in the world today. Different people who are held responsible for murder charges (charged with murder cases) are either charged for life, and others are released on bail terms as cases are pending. However, bails on some homicide criminal offenses may not be applicable at all. Homicide criminal offenses are the worst charges the one can face. Various forms of homicides lead to monetary costs, and others can lead to living imprisonment (a life sentence).In this excerpt, the main types of Homicide, such as Murder, Manslaughter, and Justifiable Homicide, will be examined in detail.
Homicide criminal offenses are regarded as the first degree and are mostly committed by males compared to females in almost all races across the world today. The act's increase is mainly characterized by diverse factors in society, such as drug abuse leading homicide increase exponentially over the last decade. Most developed countries have primarily campaigned for the rules to be implemented to curb and regulate the homicide rates globally. However, this has not been the opposite over the years (Rudd et al., 2016).
Murder is one of the main types of Homicide. There is a reason to decipher that every human has the right to protection against any internal or external threats that may arise. The manner (way) in which the murder is committed defines the class in which the Homicide will be categorized. Individuals found guilty of the murder can be charged on bail terms or spend years in the prison in service fro the criminal act committed.

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