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Reading Reflection Literature & Language Coursework (Coursework Sample)


tHIS WAS A READING REFLECTION. tHE SOURCE TO DO THE REFLECTION ON WAS PROVIDED. also, the subtopics including: 1. Reading and Annotating; 2. Important/unfamiliar terms and their definitions; 3. Main point made on each page or in each section; 4. Summarizing; 5.Analyzing; 6. Assessing Legitimacy; and 7. Final Thoughts


Reading reflection
1 Reading and Annotating
Carleton, Sean Foster Patrick. "Colonizing Minds: Public Education, the" Textbook Indian", and Settler Colonialism in British Columbia, 1920-1970." BC Studies: The British Columbian Quarterly 169 (2011): 101-130.
2 Important/unfamiliar terms and their definitions:
* Confederation: “(in Canada) the joining together of provinces and territories forming Canada, which began 1 July, 1867” (Oxford Learners Dictionary)
* Centennial: “the 100th anniversary of an event” (Oxford Learners Dictionary)
* Stereotyping: ​“beliefs or judgements about people based on fixed ideas about them which are often not true” (Oxford Learners Dictionary)
* Slurs: “to harm somebody’s reputation by making unfair or false statements about them” (Oxford Learners Dictionary)
* Anglocentric: “focusing on European culture or history and regarding it as more important than the culture or history of other regions” (Oxford Learners Dictionary)
* Assimilationist: “process of becoming, or allowing somebody to become, a part of a country or community rather than remaining a separate group” (Oxford Learners Dictionary)
* Representations: “the act of presenting somebody/something in a particular way”
* Subsist: “to manage to stay alive” (Oxford Learners Dictionary)
* Civilization: “state of human society that is very developed and organized” (Oxford Learners Dictionary)
* Settler: “person who goes to live in a new country or region” (Oxford Learners Dictionary)
3 Main point made on each page or in each section:
* While marking 100 at Canadian Confederation a First Nation chief and activist gave a reminder about “settler colonialism and its many tools of oppression” (102)
* Settlers established national myths to represent the indigenous people (103)
* Text books and education system are designed for “racism” (104)
* Settlers wanted citizens to be developed based on the states dominating ideals (108)
* Authorised textbook used in logic and legitimization of European settler (109)
* As such textbooks depicted “indigenous peoples as inferior to Europeans” (111).
* The textbooks also showed that indigenous people were inherently violent (112).
* Text books taught that colonialism and forced separation of First nations was necessary for British imperialism and humanity progress (114)
* After war, assimilation of indigenous people was necessary for prosperity of Canada (118)
* The Canadian started to shift its attention from “British imperialism to Canadian nationalism” (119)
* Indigenous peoples were described as lacking planning for future prosperity (121)

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