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University Phoenix Material: Multicultural Matrix Analysis Worksheet (Coursework Sample)


comment on the american history


University of Phoenix Material

  Multicultural Matrix and Analysis Worksheet



Part I: Select and identify six groups in the left-hand column. Complete the matrix.

Part II: Write a summary.                                                                                                    

Part III: Format references consistent with appropriate course-level APA guidelines.



Part I


What is the group’s history in the United States?

What is the group’s population in the United States?

What are some attitudes and customs people of this group may practice?

What is something you admire about this group’s people, lifestyle, or society?

1. Native American  
  • Originated from Asia early 1000 BC
  • Population wiped by diseases brought by Europeans during the invasion of Americas in 1492
  • Resisted the European invasion but eventually they were overpowered and made to work on colonial farms
  • Others spread out to what is called today southern Canada, USA and southern South America
  • The population of this group is on the rise again today
Native Americans make up to 6.6 million people in the united states population grid of 2013. Their main custom was the trade they carried for supplies and food. They celebrated the Green Corn festival as the main ceremony The dressing code of this group has been admired throughout the world. Most people from eastern Europe have adopted this dress code too.  
2. Asians Americans
  • Comprised of the Chinese, Filipinos and Japanese as the major ethnic groups in this group
  • Koreans, Vietnamese, South Asian Americans and Hmong later joined the group.
  • Chinese arrived first in large numbers in the USA in 1850s. they came as workers in the railroads and goldmines
  • Violent and resistance they encountered made them to not work on the goldmines.
  • Arrival of the Japanese was between 1890-1907. Most of the Japanese population settled in Hawaii. Which was still an independent country up to the year 1898
  • They became the largest population in a multicultural Hawaii and in 1910, they took control of the political class of the state.
Account for 16,235,300 0f the total population. They lay their values in the development of strong family and group values. They are of high context communicators. They believe in passing communication that will keep the group ties rather than the normal truth. The great emphasis on family values employed by this group of American is admirable.
3. African Americas  
  • Origin traced to African. They were mostly brought to America through slave trade as early as in 1550s.
  • Most of the time they have been considered as Black Americans.
  • They have been referred to in many ways; negroes, colored though these names are unacceptable in the modern society
  • Their history is observed in February, a month commonly referred to as Black History Month.
  • In early 1700, the number of black slaves in North America had reached 25,000 people translating to 10% of the total population.
  • In the 1750s, the number of slaves born in America with African decent outnumbered those that came in as slaves.
  • They started resisting slavery as the more notable rebellion was Stono Uprising that was organized in 1739. Most of them died in this rebellion after killing 20 whites
Account for 39,906,100 of the total population They believe that family is the bedrock of culture hence have close ties and attend family get together annually to let the bonding of members of the family. In most family reunions, there is a culture of roasting a pig. One admirable element of African Americans is the freedom with which they lead their lives. Though they emphasis on family as a core element of the community, individual freedom is also granted.
4. Latino Americans   
  • Consist mostly of Mexicans, Cubans and those with Puerto Rico descents.
  • The first Latino to land to Americas was Juan Ponce de Leon, in 1513.
  • Thirty years after him, the Latinos became the first Europeans to discover Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River.
  • 1540, Hermando de Soto carried a vast exploration of the United States. He covered states like Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, The Carolina
  • They created their first settlement in 1565.
  • To date, they are among the major groups in the United States.
The population of this group in the united is 56,600,000 of the total population Regard the family as the cornerstone of the community. The continuity of Spanish language to the young is also highly ensured.   Latin Americans are admirable for their emphasis to ensure that each member of the society learns and is able to communicate in Spanish.
5. Mexican Americans  
  • In 1813, a Mexican ethnic group called Tejanos established a government in Texas after colonizing it. This was a channel the used to gain independence from the rule of the Spanish.
  After a war with Americans which they lost in 1848, they entered into a treaty with the Americans commonly referred to as Treaty of Guadalupe Hidaligo.   The result of the defeat meant Americans will enjoy unchallenged invasion of Texas.   The modern day Americas population is made up of 11.2% of people with Mexican decent.
Made up of 36300000 people Muh of the values of this group revolve around the teachings of religion and the church They also practice lay pottery as a form of art In the contemporary world, religion has grown to be an important element of the society. This group of Americans put more and more emphasis on the importance of observing church teachings and lay their foundation on the rules of the church.
6.  Multiracial Americans   The interracial marriages between different groups date to early 17th century The children of this decent were given the social class that the mother belongs to. The principle that was employed is that of partus sequitur ventrem which is opposing the principle of English common law.   They command a population of 8.5 million people in the United States. They do not have definite cultural and attitude values of their own. Most of them take the values, attitude and culture of one of the parents. The way in which different members of a particular ethnic group embrace other groups is admirable. For example, in a family of a Latin and African American, one of the members will have to embrace the culture and values of each other’s group.

  Part II   Summ...

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