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Portfolio On Communication Skills And Conflicts In An English Class (Coursework Sample)


Portfolio on communication skills in an english class


Communication is a two-way process and it can sometimes cause conflict if it is not put into use. I have had such a situation whereby lack of proper communication between my friend and me brought about a conflict.
My Negative experience.
I remember one time a call for proposal for individuals had been made. My friend and I decided to give it a try. We were required to develop a proposal in order to seek for funds. It required teamwork so that different ideas would be incorporated, but my friend and I differed because we would not give each other a chance and we would not put each other's ideas into consideration hence the deadline passed and we missed that opportunity.
My Contribution to that experience.
The fact that lack of communication and teamwork was missing made the development of the proposal impossible. I did not consult my friend on many occasions while writing my ideas which made him angry too. I really wanted to own the proposal forgetting on the importance of teamwork and communication, whereby I didn't want to listen to my friend's ideas. This had a negative

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