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Worldview Theories In Respect To The Recommendation To The Fetus (Coursework Sample)


Write a 750-1000 word analysis of "Case Study: Fetal Abnormality." Be sure to address the following questions:
Which theory or theories are being used by Jessica, Marco, Maria, and Dr. Wilson to determine the moral status of the fetus? Explain.
How does the theory determine or influence each of their recommendation for action?
What theory do you agree with? How would that theory determine or influence the recommendation for action?

Case Study on Moral Status Student’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: Date: Introduction Every individual has his or her own set of values, morals, and ethics that constantly develops throughout their life and which shapes their experiences with others. An individual’s worldview and moral compass are of significant value in navigating through their life. A moral compass is generally a reference used to refer to someone’s ability to choose what is right and wrong. A worldview, on the other hand, refers to an individuals’ perception from which they view and interpret their surroundings. The “Case Study: Fetal Abnormality” is about four individuals who are expressing their feelings and views about abortion. These individuals are Marco, Maria, Jessica, and Dr. Wilson. In this scenario, Jessica is having a fetus whose arms have a low probability that they will develop and has a 25% chance of Down syndrome. Dr. Wilson diagnosed her with this condition and advised her to abort the fetus. Marco is Jessica’s husband and he supports her decisions. Maria, Jessica’s aunt, had advised her to wait for God, and she is not into the idea of abortion. This paper will explore different worldview theories in respect to these characters and their recommendation to the fetus, and establish the main theory that the author agrees on which also influence the recommendation on the fetus. Moral Status Dr. Wilson stand is for an abortion and this is because of the ability to medically induce abortion as a means of terminating Jessica’s pregnancy. It’s clear that Dr. Wilson worldview and morality is influenced by scientism with the application of the Western ethics and scientific methodology. Dr. Wilson had presented the fact that the fetus had a 25% chance of developing a Down syndrome. Dr. Wilson utilized the theory of cognitive properties. This is because of his methodological approach and systemic thinking. Jessica’s stance on whether she should keep the fetus or should abort is still undecided. Her final decision is strongly determined by the relationship she has with her husband, Maria and Dr. Wilson. To some degree, she also thinks that the fetus may interfere with their socio-economic progress. This materialistic view has devalued their spirituality and faith. The two opposing ideas create a conflict that is called dualism. Dualism basically involves separation of two entities that are conflicting one another and this can be good versus evil (Moorman, 2015).In this scenario, Jessica is acting as a moral agent. This demonstrates the theory of moral agency as she is the one that will make the moral status of the child. Maria’s stance, in this case, is for pro-life and this is aimed at saving the unborn child from being aborted. She appears to be emotionally dramatic as she ran out wailing and praying loudly when she heard the news. Maria tries to exert religion and faith to her niece Jessica to allow God’s intent and follow through the pregnancy. She demonstrates the theory of relationship properties when she advised Jessica to consider her responsibility as a mother. She also demonstrated the theory of divine command which argues that it’s God who creates and decide morality. The author believes that Maria strongly feels that Jessica should take care of the fetus as it’s also a living creature. Marcos moral stance is for pro-choice advocating towards for unwanted pregnancy. He didn’t see it appropriate for Dr. Wilson to break the news to Jessica. Being a Mexican immigrant and of Latino/Hispanic origin, he felt it was his duty as the head of the house to break the news to Jessica. When Jessica heard about the complications, Marco pledged to support her in whatever decision she would take in regard to the pregnancy. He is also aware that it’s his moral obligation to support Jessica in whatever decision she would take in thi...
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