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Safety, Quality, and Informatics Literature & Language Coursework (Coursework Sample)


The assignment required research and discussion of the Safety, Quality, and Informatics applied in the healthcare sector.


Safety, Quality, and Informatics
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Safety, Quality, and Informatics
In the contemporary healthcare setting, it is essential to ensure patient safety for quality outcomes in the services delivery. There are increasing patient safety issues in healthcare organizations. The common of all is the nurse-patient ratio that has continuously reduced the quality of health services. The problem arises from the inadequate staffing in the health organization where challenges that impede quality services. Without proper nurse-patient ratio, the central nursing goals of improved quality and patient safety cannot be achieved. Although inadequate staffing remains a significant challenge in healthcare organizations, applying technology reduces quality and patient safety. One way is to avail the hospital safety rating on the internet to allow patients to find the safest hospitals (Hospital Safety Score, n. d). Such technology will enable patients to choose hospitals with quality services matching their needs. The implication is that health organizations with the right numbers of staff will have better hospital safety scores. Thus, technology can reduce the problems caused by inadequate staffing by allowing patients to choose the right hospitals.

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