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Etherian and Metatherian differences and similarities in production and survival (Coursework Sample)


explain how eutherian and metatherian invest their energy in the gestation period


Etherian and Metatherian differences and similarities in production and survival
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Etherian and Metatherian differences and similarities in production and survival
Eutherians and metatherians are pouched animals believed to have originated from the early stages of cretaceous ages. These organisms were small possessing various close physiological and developmental characteristics. Eutherian characteristics embraced diverse processes such as body metabolic rates and energy consumption during reproduction and the fate of each upon population increase in the ecosystem (Hamel et al. 2010). Although these organisms shared some common features and characteristics, their gestation spell and lactation period were marred with different energy consumptions in their respective environments.
Both Eutherians and metatherians produced young ones however the size and weight of these offsprings were different. Eutherians off springs developed fully and more in the parent's pouch as compared to small metatherians. This indicated that although all produced young ones, their developments and growth differed. This difference was a result of the mother’s ability to care for offspring as well as the environmental challenges in comparison to the body ability and survival tactics. Female eutherians showed strong relationships bond with the mother compared to others for metatherian and this resulted in healthier young one of the Eutherian as compared to Metatherians (Dunbar & Shultz 2010).

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