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Understanding the Plastic Straw Ban Solution (Coursework Sample)

Based on how Wong describes the problem, does her solution (outlined on p. 464) seem logical and practical?
How does her inclusion of comments from the disabled community add to the formation of her proposed solution?
What is your own personal opinion about the straws problem?


Student Name
Question 1
I believe that the solution provided by the author of this article is both logical and practical. I believe that it makes sense for those who have establishments with straws at the counter to give customers alternative types that are clearly labeled such that people will choose the ones that they need. Since not all people need plastic straws, I believe that with several options, it would be possible to handle the issue of environmental pollution from plastic straws. It is practical because customers will be actively involved in the choosing of what is best for them without having any group alienated (Wong, 2018). For example, the disabled people will not say that the establishment has discriminated against them. the proposal as to re-examining the various kinds of plastics used in the establishment in order to control their consumption is also quite practical as the establishment will seek ways of ensuring that there is a balance between the conservation of environment and the plastic usage. In other words, each and every idea proposed by the author is sensible/ logical and highly practical.
Question 2
Having comments from people with disabilities makes the article more appealing and intriguing as it adds credibility to the article because the fact that voices of the aggrieved people create a sense of urgency to the issue of banning plastic straws entirely. Since disabled people have human rights, by voicing their concerns on the issue of banning plastic straws makes the author’s claims to gain acceptability even among people who have not looked at the concerns from the proper perspective (Wong, 2018). I believe that the comments from the disabled community bring logic to the proposals of the author as they remind everyone that disabled people are also customers and stakeholders in establishments that may need them to use plastic straws. There should not be any intentional or unintentional barriers to people visiting any establishment unless the establishment wants to keep certain people from visiting their premises.

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