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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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alcohol and nutrition. (Coursework Sample)

The consumption of alcohol can have both benefits and risks on the human body. Moderate alcohol intake has shown potential advantages, notably in benefiting the heart and cardiovascular system. It may even reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and gallstones. However, excessive alcohol consumption poses significant risks and can inhibit the body from absorbing essential nutrients, leading to deficiencies. Alcoholism has been associated with various cancers and can disrupt sleep patterns and judgment. The impact of alcohol on nutrient levels is substantial. Thiamine levels are reduced due to excessive alcohol intake, leading to conditions like beriberi and Wernicke's syndrome, impacting the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Heavy drinking also affects B vitamin (folate) levels, increasing the risk of cancer and birth defects. Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is influenced by several factors. The rate of increase in BAC depends on gender, race, food consumption along with alcohol, drinking habits, medications, body weight, altitude, and emotional state. Regarding calorie content, alcohol contains 7 kcal per gram, similar to proteins and carbohydrates. However, when mixed with other drinks, the calorie content may increase. These points highlight the complex effects of alcohol consumption on health, underscoring the need for moderation and awareness of its potential impacts. source..
Alcohol and nutrition: Name: Institution affiliation: Date: 1 What are the benefits of alcohol use? Study shows that, moderate consumption of alcohol can be helpful for the heart and the cardiovascular system. There is a chance that it protects humans from getting type 2 diabetes and gallstones. 2 What are the risks? Heavy intake of alcohol also reduces the intake of nutrients. Alcohol and its metabolism inhibit the body from digesting, absorbing, and using the vital nutrients in a person’s body appropriately. Alcoholism has also been linked to a number of cancerous diseases such as cancers of the colon, breast, mouth, pharynx, and larynx, liver, esophagus, and rectum. Alcohol consumption also disrupts sleep and one’s judgment (Bennett & Feldman, 2014). 3 What nutrients are affected by alcohol intake? Excess consumption of alcohol affects certain nutrients in the body. It reduces thiamine levels in the body and this causes beriberi that affects both cardiovascular, nervous system, Wernicke's syndrome, and inability to coordinate voluntary activities. Heavy drinking also affects the dietary of B vitamin (folate), which if is inadequate in the body, brings the risks of cancer and birth defects. 4 What factors can affect your Blood Alcohol Concentration? When consuming alcohol, blood alcohol concentration rises rapidly. The factors that alter blood alcohol concentration are gender, the race of an individual, the type of food consumed together with alcohol, how regular one consumes alcohol, drinki...
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