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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Common Gynecologic Conditions (Coursework Sample)


Case studies provide the opportunity to simulate realistic scenarios involving patients presenting with various health problems or symptoms. Such case studies enable nurse learners to apply concepts, lessons, and critical thinking to interviewing, screening, diagnostic approaches, as well as to the development of treatment plans.
For this Case Study Discussion, you will develop a case study that demonstrates a gynecological disease process from your practicum experience or your professional practice that would be quite challenging for you as a clinician. You will then explor this case study to determine the diagnosis, diagnostic tests, and treatment options for the patient
Be sure to review the Learning Resources before completing this activity.
Click the weekly resources link to access the resources. 
To prepare:
 Consider a case study related to a patient that demonstrates a gynecological disease process in your practicum experience or professional practice that would be your biggest challenge as a clinician. Note: Possibly use your “FNP Skills and Procedures Self- Assessment” in your practicum experience to guide your case study selection.
 Review the Learning Resources for this week and specifically review the clinical guideline resources specific to your proposed case study.
 Use the Focused SOAP Note Template found in the Learning Resources to support your discussion. Complete a Focused SOAP note and critically analyze this and focus your attention on the diagnostic tests. 
Based on your case study, post the following:
 POST A Focused SOAP NOTE only and describe your case study.  
 Provide a differential diagnosis (dx) with a minimum of 3 possible conditions or diseases.
 Define what you believe is the most important diagnosis. Be sure to include the priority in conducting your assessment.
 Explain which diagnostic tests and treatment options you would recommend for your patient and explain your reasoning.
 Also, share with your colleagues your experiences as well as what you learned from these experiences.


PID Focused SOAP
Patient Information: 
Initials: SL
Sex: Female 
Race: Caucasian
 CC: SL presented with an incessant worsening abdominal pain and odorous vaginal discharge. Her complaints are also accompanied by fever, generalized fatigue, nausea and a burning sensation during urination, which started four days ago. She rates abdominal pain as 7/10. She reports pain and mild bleeding when during sex. She has been using paracetamol tablets to relieve the symptoms, but the symptoms have not been responsive.
Current Medications: paracetamol 1g, PRN.
Allergies: no known allergies to drugs or food.

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