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Encouraging Health Behavior Change and Disease Prevention (Coursework Sample)


A central goal of this course is to learn the importance of health behavior theory in changing behaviors. In this assignment, you will apply a health behavior theory to specific health behavior change through the development of original hypothetical health promotion for a specific target population.
-Choose a specific aspect of a health behavior you want to change Specific Population
-Choose a specific population or group you want to target for your intervention Health Behavior Change Theory.
- Choose one of the 5 health behavior theories we covered in class to guide the development of your intervention for this group Program/Intervention
- Provide a hypothetical description of your proposed program Details.


Better Life Health Behavior Change Program
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Better Life Health Behavior Change Program
Individual’s behavior plays an important role in the maintenance of health and the prevention of disease. Researchers suggest that personal behaviors cause more than 50% of illnesses. Today in the United States, the leading source of added sugar in most people’s diets is sugar-sweetened beverages such as soda and fruit drinks which are directly associated with health complications such as tooth decay ,type 2 diabetes, and obesity weight gain. Research shows that an average U.S. adult takes in 145 calories from sugar-sweetened beverages every day, and 25% of people take in at least 200 calories daily (Han & Powell, 2013). Those with a low income and live in certain geographical areas tends to consume more of these beverages. For this reason there is a need to come up with an intervention or a program that will encourage reduced use of sugar-sweetened beverages among the U.S. populations generally and especially those in rural areas.

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