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Healthcare Access: Fundamental Right The Every Person Is Entitled (Coursework Sample)


healthcare access in the United States


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Healthcare access
Healthcare sector is one of the complex systems that various governments have continually made reforms to ensure equitable access. The capitalists and the socialists have shaped the healthcare sector through ideologies that have lead to creation and implementation of regulations to reduce excess of these approaches. The capitalists view healthcare as a commodity that individuals must purchase. The socialists view healthcare as a fundamental rights that every citizen is entitled to access. Healthcare is a universal right that every individual has the right to access. The US healthcare sector has undergone gradual changes to ensure that the healthcare sector improves the quality of life of its citizens
The capitalists and the socialists have major influence on healthcare legislations. The legislations designed and implemented on the healthcare sector have had major impacts on the provision of services. The capitalist places burden on individuals in the process of obtaining healthcare services (Morone & Jacobs 2015). The approach benefits individuals who can afford care while the low income individuals accumulate debts or seek low quality services. The capitalist approach increases the gap between the rich and low-income citizens.
The socialists view healthcare as fundamental right the every person is entitled. According to the socialists, the government is the central organizing organ. The government is responsible for planning and distributing healthcare services among its citizens. This approach provides an equitable distribution of healthcare resources among its citizens. The socialist give priority to the wellbeing of individuals because it ensures productivity (Morone & Jacobs 2015). This approach does not encourage individ

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