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Legal And Ethical Aspects Of Healthcare Delivery Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Write: (2 pages and with 3 references)
1. A description of the actions you would take in this situation, and why.
2. Justify these actions by referencing appropriate laws, ethical standards, and professional
Lena is a community health care nurse who works exclusively with HIV-positive and
AIDS patients. As a part of her job, she evaluates new cases and reviews confidential
information about these patients. In the course of one of these reviews, Lena learns that
her sister's boyfriend has tested HIV positive. Lena would like to protect her sister from
harm and begins to consider how her sister can find out about her boyfriend's health


A Nurse's Ethical and Legal Position: Partner Notification
First Name, Last Name
A Nurse's Ethical and Legal Position: Partner Notification
Nurses are occasionally confronted by various legal and ethical dilemmas during their daily routine in a healthcare setting. Patient confidentiality and privacy is a fundamental principle in medical ethics. Particularly, ethical concerns regarding disclosure of a diagnosis of HIV by a health professional has been a subject of debate over the recent years. These trends follow the reluctance of newly diagnosed patients to notify their sexual partners about their health status (Ward & Bell, 2014). For example, Lena is confronted with a dilemma of whether, when and how to disclose health information of a patient who is the boyfriend of her sister. This paper discusses the appropriate course of action that I would take if in Lena's shoes and justifications of the actions as per appropriate laws of New York State, ethical standards, professional guidelines of nursing.
Action to be Taken
There is no single approach that can fully cater for the complexities of this subject because partner notification is both an ethical and legal affair. Therefore, I would take the following course of action. The first course of action would be to inform the clinic responsible for HIV services about the patient as such departments have an appropriate approach to managing this issue. Additionally, this act would not be a breach of patient confidentiality (Ward & Bell, 2014). Secondly, I would refer the patient to a counselor who can aid in communicating with the sexual partner about their status or offer continuous counseling on the significance of being in a relationship with shared responsibility. The third approach would be to offer couple counseling to the patient and his partner where both of them are encouraged to be open and disclose their HIV status (Tesoriero, et al., 2008). To better understand this dilemma, Lena is torn between maintaining her ethical standards and legal responsibilities and the collective rights of the patient's sexual partner

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