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Issues Related To Low Number Of Nurses In Healthcare Facilities (Coursework Sample)


the task was to solve the issue associated with lower nurses to patient ratios in the healthcare facility. this sample is about revelation of issues related to the low number of nurses in healthcare facilities as to the high number of patients to be attended to.


Interprofessional Primary Response 2
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Interprofessional Primary Response 2
The selected projected aims at solving the issue associated with lower nurses to patient ratios in the healthcare facility. Suggestions I can offer is that the initiatives of the project need to be taken into strict consideration in the health facility. The executive board should work towards employing more nurses to effectively adopt the fundamentals of the project. My advice for successively initiating the teaching plan is that the new nurses should be trained adequately to attain professional skills in their line of work. The problem-solving tips I may lend in efficiently implementing the teaching plan include identification of the problem faced in the health facility due to lower nurses to patients' ratio, working towards solving this problem through the adoption of my teaching plan as an effective solution and evaluating the outcome. The presentation is on-target basing on the information in the journal as it addresses the current situation of enabling nurses to ambulate on patients in two shifts thus offering quality healthcare services. Evidence is posted for review

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