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Legal Overview and Peer Review Process: Nursing Practice laws (Coursework Sample)


writing a reflection journals on the classwork modules


Reflective Journal
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Module 2: Legal Overview and Peer Review Process
Key point 1: Nursing Practice laws
In the lecture discussions, I learnt the key laws that affect the nursing practice, where they originate from and their importance. During the practice of the nursing profession, nurses must always perform their duties within the legislation, statues and policies binding the profession. I learnt the implicit seriousness of the legal foundations of the profession and the potential repercussions of not working within the laid out legal boundaries. The setout laws are likely to become stricter as the duties and responsibilities of the nurses continue to grow, making navigation through the legal field ever more important.
Key point 2: Board of Nursing
The Board of Nursing has the primary mandate of ensuring only the duly trained and registered nurses operate within the state, as well as investigating and punishing practice violations. During the course of the discussions, I learnt that the board requires a potential nurse to establish certain set standards of education and conduct. The lessons acquired further intrinsically reinforced my determination to maintain a high degree of academic standards and an acceptable work ethic as a nurse. The board is likely to continue reviewing the registration requirement standards as more nurses are trained, further reinforcing the need to maintain high academic standards.
Key point 3: Rules 217.11
The rule 217.11 is likely the single most important rule for a Texas nurse. The rule delineates the standards of the nursing practice alongside the mandate for the nurse to conform to the laws and regulation of the state. The lecture made me appreciate the weight of the mandate of being a nurse and the need to conform to the requisite laws and regulations that ensure both my safety as a nurse and the safety of the patient in my care. The law is likely to continue evolving to accommodate future changes mandated by the changing laws and regulations.
References BIBLIOGRAPHY BON. (2013). Practice - Guidelines and Interpretive Guidelines. Retrieved from Texas Board of Nursing:, K. (2014). Role development (4th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett.Strickland, B. (2017, 8 8). When an assignment is unsafe. Retrieved from Nurse Guidance: Legislature. (2017). Section 217.11. Retrieved from elaws:, M. B., & Willmann, J. (2012). Why Nurses Need Whistleblower Protection. Journal of Nursing Regulation, 19-23. Retrieved 03 2, 2018, from
Module 3: More Peer-Review Laws and Rules
Key point 1: Due Process
The discussion furnished me with the knowledge of the due process involved in nursing peer review. I understood the procedural steps involved in the peer review process alongside the conditions under which a peer review is necessary and the requirements for the peer review process. The discussion further led to my appreciation of the need for good faith in the practice and my duties and responsibilities to both the patients and my fellow nurses.
Key point 2: Whistleblower protection
During the course of the lecture, I learnt of the mechanisms in place for protecting a whistleblower in the nursing profession. In the performance of my duties as a medical profession, I may encounter a situation that requires I exercise my ethical duties as a nurse and report workplace misconduct, including the misconduct of my superiors. I learnt of the mechanisms in place that would professionally protect me in the performance of this duty and mandate. These protection mechanisms continue to evolve as more unique situations, which were not previously covered are encountered, and more nurses face problems for reporting workplace misconduct.
Key Point 3: License restrictions on disciplined nurses
Over the course of this lecture, I learnt of the restrictions that may be imposed on the practicing license of a nurse being disciplined. I learnt of the conditions that lead to the imposition of discipline tenets and their repercussions. This lecture further reinforced the lessons regarding the practice laws and procedures as taught in class and to be applied in professional practice. The restrictions vary depending on the infraction committed and are likely to continue evolving as more nursing-concerned legislation emerges.
References BIBLIOGRAPHY BON. (2013). Practice - Guidelines and Interpretive Guidelines. Retrieved from Texas Board of Nursing:, K. (2014). Role development (4th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett.Strickland, B.

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