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Physician-Assisted Suicide Health, Medicine, Nursing Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Question and answer task on Physician-Assisted Suicide


Physician-Assisted Suicide
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Physician-Assisted Suicide
Question 1: Discuss your view of physician-assisted suicide, remembering that this is a respectful environment where there are no wrong opinions. Back your opinion up with supportive evidence (federal/state laws, examples of PAS, medical advice/reports, etc.)
Physician-assisted suicide could be described as a practice whereby a clinician administers a lethal dose of prescription to a patient upon the request of the patient who wishes to terminate their life (Goligher et al. 2017). According to my perspective, assisted suicide is advantageous and should thus be legalized.
Physical assisted suicide protects patients from misery and terrific pain. Indeed, acute diseases like cancer instigate a slow death, and physicians can estimate the days that the patient might live before succumbing to the ailment. According to Goligher et al. (2017), Patients struggling with such disorders are cognizant that they would eventually die, and their pain increases consistently as the days pass. That said, the physician's will to let the patients experience slow and painful death is questionable. As such, it is altruistic to offer the patient an opportunity to choose whether to end their suffering or not.

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