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Empire versus Church Assignment. History Coursework (Coursework Sample)


empire versus church


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Empire versus Church
1) From the year 98 A.D to 180, how were the Roman empires chosen?
A group of intelligent romans in their sixties and seventies, who had experienced firsthand the cruelty of emperors with absolute power such as Nero, and Domitian, sought to stem the practice of assassinations, and horrors perpetrated by those in power. In implementing their plan, they assassinated Domitian, then installed one of their own, the elderly senator Nerva as the emperor, who would later pick Trajan as his successor and adopt him a son to avoid clashes upon his demise.
2) Though the good “emperors” stopped the assassination of emperors, what happened in the colosseum?
The colosseum was an important part of the Roman Empire since ‘games” which involved killing and perceived for generations as a means to entertain the masses were held there.
b) Why did they continue to persecute Christians?
The persecution of Christians is attributable to the belief that they were a weakness to the kingdom, and a threat since they gave their loyalty to a foreign god, an aspect which did not settle well with the emperors.

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