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The Vandals Migration History Coursework Research Paper (Coursework Sample)


explain the vandal's migration and effects to the place they migrated to.


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11 November 2020
The Vandals Migration
The vandal is part of Germanic people who greatly influenced Roman history owing to Rome's sacking in 455 CE. The Vandal name has become synonymous with destruction due to their violent behaviour portrayed by Roman writers. The Vandals are associated with the historical movement called "The Wandering of Nations," which resulted in most Germanic tribes interacting with the Roman Empire and other related cultures.
The Vandals were primarily farmers who made a living out of tilling the land and growing crops as well are grazing animals for trade and slaughtering. The Vandals were also famous for their craftmanship of making weapons and well-curved ceramics and jewelry.
The Vandals are believed to have migrated to modern Germany and regions of Poland from Scandinavia. A more significant migration happened when the Vandals moved further towards Rome and went on to take over territories to cross the Rhine River and move to what is now Spain (Jacobsen 47). During this movement by the Vandals, they adopted Christianity and went ahead to express Arianism, which resulted in conflict with the church.

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