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Week 2 Discussion Post History Coursework Research (Coursework Sample)


the assignment was a discussion post, whereby, i was expected to answer Coursework questions for that particular week.


HIST 1351 Week 2 Study Questions
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HIST 1351 Week 2 Study Questions
Chapter 20
Question one
Nationalism and liberalism led to the independence of some states within Latin America. For instance, on the western side of Hispaniola, currently, Haiti gained independence in 1804 after Toussaint’s forces drove out the French people. Subsequently, it became the first autonomous state in Latin America.
Question two
Between this period, between 1801 and 1835, the US Supreme Court president Marshall turned the entity into an essential national institution by asserting the power of the court to overrule any congress act. The federal government supremacy was equally promoted because he limited the ability of state courts as well as legislatures. Similarly, within the period, more individuals were conscribed to the army, especially under the Lincoln error during the civil war of 1861 to 1865. People gained more freedom, especially the blacks, because, after the civil war, Lincoln declared the emancipation of all slaves. In Canada, it led to independence after parliament establishing the dominion of Canada in 1867.
Question three
In Latin America, changes included the growth of the middle-class people such as lawyers, shopkeepers, merchants, professors, to mention but a few. The economy boomed, leading to the expansion of the working class hence the development of labor unions, especially in 1914. Politically, landholders began to show direct interest in politics; for instance, in Chile and Argentina, they controlled governments. However, in 1917, in Mexico, for example, a new constitution was established that stipulated for a stable central government and developed a new plan for social welfare workers. On the contrary, in Northern America, beginning with Canada, national unity was strengthened by John MacDonald, the nation expanded with the addition of more provinces such as Manitoba. The transcontinental railroad led to commercial and industrial developments of the western lands. In the USA, the union shifted from agrarian to a powerful industrial nation. Toward the end of the nineteenth century, the country began making inroads abroad, leading to it becoming a superpower.

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