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Course Reflection IT & Computer Science Coursework (Coursework Sample)


it was a course reflection on the topic learned by the client


Course Reflection
In this week's course, reflection is based on our central learning on information technology importance in strategic planning; a lot was learned and above all, the course was exciting and interactive. The course focuses majorly on the information technology leader’s collaborative roles in working with the organization’s senior leadership, including aligning business with IT strategies, acting as an equal contributor to the formation of organization strategy and integration of ethical policies into organizations. Understanding IT business management, the economics of cloud computing, and basics of blockchain technology among others were the objectives of the course
Strategic management lengthy discussion in the course, and one of the main points discussed is how it is accepted in management today to many organizations. Every organization leader is required to set clear vision and mission statements then ensure that they achieve those goals for successful organization operations. Most of the organizations globally are driven by clear strategic management structures established for effective formulation and execution strategy. Applying IT in business organizations, present the growth and opportunities; hence the productivity, and various developments in information system management are improved. This, among other important aspects of what information technology importance in strategic planning can do in terms of organization leadership collaboration roles.

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