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Delivering Project Goals And Objectives By Day-To-Day Activities (Coursework Sample)


This is a take home ASSIGNMENT for a Project management class


Project Management
Project Management
Assessment 2
A project manager is tasked with the responsibility of delivering project goals and objectives by making sure that the day-to-day activities are run accordingly within schedule and budget. As a project manager, one is expected to carry out the various activities to ensure the project goals are achieved by working together with the project team.
A Project team organization chart is a tool a project manager uses to manage the project team. The Project team organization chart is a document which provides detailed information about the structure of the team, the specific roles, and duties of the project team and also provides the organizational structure of the team. The chart also provides information on how each team member is supposed to interact with each other in terms of hierarchy of authority during the project implementation process. As a project manager I would use this chart to ensure that each team member knows their roles and duties and what is expected of them to achieve the project goals.
A team charter is another document I would use also to provide support to my team members with regard to the quality of the expected outcomes of the project and ensure that documented time lines are met. A team charter is a document that outlines the goals of the project, purposes and responsibilities of each team member and how to relate with each member. The team charter also gives guidelines to the team members on communication, reporting and the processes of decision-making.
A project manager is supposed to make sure that financial record keeping associated with the project is maintained and checked for accuracy. As a manager I will ensure that the records are checked and make sure that they are up to date and within the budget of the project. This is done by making sure that financial records are operated from a central place and they are consistent and accurate (Schwartz & Wilson, 2011).
Staff involved in project is to be trained if they get to be involved in new roles or reassignment to ensure they are privy to what they are doing. To review the project outcomes I will form a review team which will carry out a completion review which determines if all the project deliverables and sign-offs are done as per the project plan and within the scope (Briscoe, Baccineli & Chambers 2000). I will also make sure the team members are involved in the face-to-face interviews with the Review Team QA analyst.
As a project manager I will make a detailed report from notes, observations and findings from the team members as well as financial reports detailing on how me and my project team have met all the deliverables within the project scope and plan. The project report is in form of a summary of all the different activities in the project.
Assessment 3- Written Assessment
Project Management Tools
There are different tools used in project management:
Gantt Chart- This is a bar chart that keeps record of tasks in a project across time and shows the when and in what order tasks are to be performed.
Product Breakdown Structure (PBS) - This is a graphical tree structure representation of different components that contribute to project deliverable and is used to clarify the deliverables of the project.
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) – WBS is a detailed graphical representation of the project scope in parts a project team can understand. Under each scope there is the work involved and the budget allocated for the specific activity.
Project Management Software Applications
Different software applications are today used in different project management stages:
* Microsoft Project
* Basecamp
* Project Manager
3 Common Standards in Project Schedule Maintenance
* Fast tracking a schedule
* Crashing a schedule
* Compressing a schedule
Creating a Project Methodology
A project methodology is a standardized well documented collection of the different activities, project management tools and an outline used for managing a particular project 

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