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Empathy And Leadership: Correlation Between Empathy And New Contexts (Coursework Sample)


Read the article, "In a Rapidly Changing Workplace, One Surprising Skill Helps You Stay Adaptable.” Based on the content presented in the article, what does it mean to be empathetic as a leader? Do you agree that empathy correlates to how leaders understand new contexts or changes in contexts? Why is it important for a leader to understand the context and culture in a leadership situation? Respond to at least two of your classmates' posts.


Empathy and Leadership
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Empathy and leadership
From the context of the article, an empathetic leader is the one who always gives priority to the people they are serving and are interested in how their juniors feel about the organization's services. For instance, putting more value on the needs of the market more than they consider the market makes them more empathetic. Secondly, it may also refer to a leader who makes the junior members feel like part of a team and gives them full chance to participate in the organizations operations. By doing this, such leaders allow members to contribute towards the goals of the organization and thus feel like part of the institution (Ashoka, 2014).
Correlation between empathy and new contexts
It is very true that empathy correlates with how leaders understand new contexts as well as changes in the context. This is because leaders keep changing their responsibilities in the organization and the environment in which they work may also change. Therefore, they will regularly keep e

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