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Management Theories (Coursework Sample)

This coursework on "Management Theories" covers a comprehensive analysis of three prominent management theories - Taylor's Synthetic Management, Fayol's 14 Principles of Management, and Lillian Gilbert's Modern Management. The essay first delves into the key concepts and principles of each theory, highlighting the similarities and differences between them. It then proceeds to compare the three theories, examining their strengths and weaknesses, and assessing how they can be applied in modern-day management practices. Additionally, the essay also covers Kaizen, which is a Japanese management approach that emphasizes continuous improvement and the involvement of all employees in the improvement process. Overall, the essay provides a detailed understanding of the different management theories and how they can be used to improve organizational performance. source..
Management Theories Taylor's Synthetic Management Frederick Winslow Taylor believed that by breaking down tasks into smaller, more manageable parts and using scientific methods to study and improve these parts, productivity could be greatly increased (Muldoon, 2020). He also supported the idea of determining the most effective approach to do a task using time and motion studies. Taylor's theory emphasizes the importance of clear communication, proper training, and incentives to motivate workers. 14 Principles of Management by Fayol Henri Fayol principles include division of work, unity of command, authority, and responsibility, subordination of individual interests, unity of command, centralization, equity, scalar chain, unity of direction, order, initiative, stability of tenure of personnel, and remuneration (Fayol, 2014). The principles focus on the management of the organization as a whole and the role of management in planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating, and controlling the organization's resources. Lillian Gilbert's Modern Management The theory focuses on the importance of understanding the needs and motivations of employees. She believed that by understanding these needs and providing employees with the necessary resources, managers could create a more productive and satisfied workforce (Kiyomi et al., 2022). Gilbert's theory also emphasizes the importance of communication, teamwork, and continuous improvement. Comparison of the Three Theories All three theories of management focus on improving productivity and efficiency, but they do so in different ways. Taylor's theory focuses on breaking down tasks and using scientific methods to study and improve them, Fayol's principles focus on the management of the organization as a whole, and Gilbert's theory focuses on understanding the needs and motivations of employees. Kaizen Kaizen, a phrase from Japanese, is used to denote improvement or a change for the better. It is a corporate strategy that places a strong emphasis on constant development throughout an organization. Kaizen is based on the idea that by continually making small improvements, an organization can eventually achieve significant results. This approach is often implemented thr...
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