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Scope Statement for Organizing a Dinner-Dance Concert for a Local Charity (Coursework Sample)


You are in charge of organizing a dinner-dance concert for a local charity. You have reserved a hall that will seat 30 couples and have hired a jazz combo.
Develop a scope statement for this project that contains examples of all the elements. Assume that the event will occur in 4 weeks. Provide your best estimate of the dates for milestones.
What would the priorities likely be for this project?
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Scope Statement
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Scope statement:
This project aims to organize a dinner-dance concert for a local charity. The event will take place on [date] at [location] and seat 30 couples. A jazz combo has been hired to provide entertainment.
* To raise funds for the local charity through ticket sales and donations
* To provide an enjoyable evening for attendees with good food, music, and atmosphere
* To promote the charity and its mission to the community

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