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MBO Performance Appraisal for a Training and Development Specialist (Coursework Sample)


How to measure the performance of a Training and Development Specialist


MBO Performance Appraisal for a Training and Development Specialist
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For good and productive engagement with employees, they have to be precisely informed on what the employer expects from them and the parameters for high performance. One of the most efficient ways to develop employee careers is through performance appraisals. This is a system used by organizations to determine employee efficiency and effectiveness. In this assignment, a Management by Objectives performance appraisal will be designed for a Training and Development Specialist. Three objectives will be set to define the expected results. The purpose of the goals and the timelines for their assessment are also included. The paper concludes with a summary of what I have learnt from the current week’s reading and research.
MBO Objectives
A Management by Objectives (MBO) performance appraisal provides the opportunity to bring the career interests, performance and developmental needs of employees together into their career plans (Shaout and Yousif, 2014). At the same time, it improves the performance of organizations since it provides clear definitions of the objectives agreed on by the management and their employees. As such, for the training and development position in the current case, the employee will be evaluated on three MBO objectives to aid in explaining their performance expectations over the next one year. These three objectives include training, communication and communication knowledge, to be done every four months
Here, the employee will be expected to guide and lead others in the development of new knowledge or skills that would improve their work (Training Specialist, 2016). To do this, the specialist will be evaluated on their ability to create and deliver training programs. Through training, the specialist should be able to address the weaknesses of the employees, improve their performance, ensure consistent duty performance and improve the quality of service and products. This will be done within a period of four months starting 12th April 2021, the training objective appraisal will be done on 11th August 2021.
Here, the ability of the specialist to communicate information to individual employees or groups of employees will be evaluated (Training Specialist, 2016). The employee is expected to deliver appropriate presentations for different audiences depending on their specific needs and characteristics. Thus, the appraisal will include assessing whether the specialist can convey information, in writing or orally, to groups or individuals and ensure it is fully understood (Islami, Mulolli and Mustafa, 2018). Their listening skills will also be evaluated since they have to provide appropriate responses to the other employees. This will be done on 13th December 2021 four months after the first appraisal.
Professional Knowledge
This will be the last performance objective to be evaluated in the first year of engagement. The specialist will be assessed for a certain level of knowledge or professional skills in particular areas (Training Specialist, 2016). This will

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