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The Need For Human Resource Management To Become More Strategic (Coursework Sample)


The need for transformation of Human resource management from being only an administrative to support contributor.

THE NEED FOR HR TO BECOME MORE STRATEGIC Institutional Affiliation Student’s Name Date Introduction The transformation of Human resource management from being only an administrative and support contributor is essential because of the speedy changes in the place of work today. Organizations, as we know, are adapting to new trends that encompass the use of always changing technology and fresh working mechanisms. Some organizations have already made this possible in their organizations, but it is surprising how most haven’t. A strategic human resource management team is crucial in crafting a competitive advantage through an organizational labor force. The hiring of skilled, motivated, well-trained personnel can expedite productivity and efficiency in an organization. Human resource managers who are strategic are focused on developing the talents of the employees for them to remain innovative thus enabling a business to have a competitive gain in the market. Normally, increases and advancements get awarded according to the number of years an a staff has operated in the business which does not at all help a business meet its objective and can be pricey. Strategic HR, however, focuses on promoting and rewarding their top performers who greatly contribute to the long-term success of a company. Strategic HR management will also help to protect a company from being on the wrong side of employment laws by continuously setting policies and standard to be met by employees. An organization, therefore, has no option but to send its HR team to regular compliance meetings that are relevant to employment issues. Some of these employment issues include unfair treatment in the workplace and equa...
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