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Organizational Behavior: Research, Interview, & Recommendations (Coursework Sample)


This assignment requires the development of knowledge on organisational behaviour


Diversity management has been considered as an effective practice in the current business context. As commented by Bendl & Hofmann (2015), multiple diversity categories of diversity have been found in previous works of scholars. Diversity factors like gender, sexual orientation and much more have been interpreted as critical from an organisational perspective. Therefore, in this research paper, diversity management of a renowned organisation of the US has been analysed. In order to identify key issues and challenges of diversity management of this taken organisation, interviews have been performed by the group members. This assignment has been structured into four major parts that have played a critical role in successful completion of this research. Out of those, the findings segment can be interpretive from a significant point of view as gathered information is portrayed in this segment. Focusing on the collected data, a learner has justified the organisational practices to promote positive diversity in workplaces.
Overview of the Walmart
Walmart has been emerged from a small discount retailer to a mammoth in retail business in the US and all across the world. It is found that Walmart operates across twenty-eighth countries and has a supreme workforce of almost 2.3 million employees globally. In addition, this retail organisation has expanded its streams in multiple niches that helped Walmart to maintain top position in the US. This retail organisation looks after to create an accurate environment to provide safety and comfort to its associates in a precise manner. Henceforth, the introduction of global office of culture, company's mission on diversity and inclusion has ensured Walmart to maintain its organisational goals and objectives (Walmart, 2017). Therefore, following objectives of this organisation have been found from the company website

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