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Hypothesis Testing (Coursework Sample)


Review the chapter readings of the week and assess the following concepts:
• Hypothesis testing, null and alternative hypothesis, non-directional and directional hypothesis, type I error in testing hypothesis, type II error in testing hypothesis.
• Probability of type I error (ɑ), probability of type II error (ß), power of the test and its significance, the critical value(s), and p value.


Hypothesis Testing
A hypothesis is an idea, explanation, or assumption proposed as a beginning for further investigation. It is a testable and precise statement of prediction or expectation that a researcher aims to test. Hypothesis testing is a type of inferential statistics that enables a researcher to draw a conclusion about a population based on a sample. Causal and descriptive research designs often end up with hypothesis tests (Zikmund et al., 2013). The main aim of hypothesis testing is to Type II error emerges when a conclusion is made that no difference or relatio

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